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Heat Lamps. What power? Why infrared?

Heat Lamps. What power? Why infrared?

What power do people recommend for heat lamps? Why is infrared used? Is it more efficient transfer of heat or is it just less visible light, so it is not beaming in your face. Infrared bulbs are more expensive, has anybody just used a normal bulb of say 150W or a low pressure sodium bulb or halogen bulb?

Do users find them effective?

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The infrared waves are the ones that actually produce the warmth in light.

Btw, you need a ceramic socket for the IR bulb as it can take the heat the bulb produces, unlike the normal plastic ones.

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Good question. Regular bulbs put out all kinds of radiation.

Is a special IR bulb so much better than a regular light bulb? If so, how do they compare? What intensity do you prefer for PE? At what distance and in what kind of fixture?

Here’s some info:

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Hope that helps

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Uncut4Big / Mike

Infrared heats us up because our skin absorbs that wavelength the best.

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Everything hot emits infra-red rays. Even our bodies.

Obviously we want a source of heat that can be directed.

I use an infrared room warmer. It has three ceramic elements (glass with a coil of wire running along it about 12” long) and glows bright red when switched on emitting lots of heat. So you move back from it until a comfortabale heat is obtained .

If you have an electric fire, that (If it’s modern) will be ceramic based, but even a coiled wire one will still provide all the heat you require. But remember it can be expensive using a lt of electricity.

I made my heater portable and adjustable, by building a case of wood which fitted a square upright (about six feet long) so I could move it up and down. It’s adjustable horizontally and vertically, so I can use it on my back (I broke a disk many years ago and it still gets painfull) and it does the job OK

Until today I hadn’t thought of using it on my Dick. Can’t think why!! I should be able to jelq standing sitting or lying down.

Just one of life’s little luxuries!

Hoe that’s useful.__

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What about those flood lamps, I have one of those and it puts out alot of heat. (obviously because it is used to help dry out water!)

I’m new to this heat lamp idea, but it sounds interesting enough.

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Hi all,

Long time no post. Just thought I’d pop in and say hello! :)

Anyway to the topic at hand… As I understand it, the distribution of energy across the emitted IR frequencies is different between the clear IR bulbs and the red ones, so I would guess that regular light bulbs have a relatively low proportion of their energy around any of the IR region (their purpose being to produce visible light, and IR would be considered an inefficiency of its function). That combined with the IR bulbs being ~250W and regular bulbs being somewhat less, I’d say a real IR lamp would be a far better economy (especially when taking your time into consideration). If I were to buy a bulb I think I’d go for the red IR.

A couple of days ago I ordered one of those Thermotex platinum heat pads. The main reason I went for it was that it specifies roughly what parts of the Near-IR through Far-IR spectrum it operates at. It also states that it controls the temperature between 42-45C. I don’t like the price, but I had a good growth spurt last year with a regular heat pad. I stopped using it because the difference between being too cool and burning the skin or it tripping out was way too narrow.

I’ve been off PE for around 9 months now, and retained all but 1/8 of my maximal ever length. I was reading about an unrelated (to PE) IR device called the Euon the other day, and I got to thinking about the IR theories discussed here last year. I read Uncuts thread and realised that I’d gone off target with the heating pad when it was actually IR that inspired me.

Unfortunately, like Uncut I have had a break from PE so any gains in the coming months (if any) will be clouded by the break from PE. If it works however, then at least we’ll have a little more evidence that ‘coming back after a break and using IR’ could be beneficial.


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In the UK we use ‘floodlamp’ as the name for lighting things like stage scenery. Your saying it is used to dry out water seems to indicate a different purpose. Does it give out a bright light and heat, or a red light and heat?

If it is a bright light then you would need to protect your eyes. But if it gives out heat for drying, then the heat would be very intense and you would have to keep your Willie, Balls and Thighs away from getting too hot. (And Bum if you do a reverse job!)

Trial and error is the order of the day there. Just make sure it is a comfortable heat otherwise you will cook them!!

Yeah, they have colored bulbs (red,blue,green) and they give off alot of heat. I had one around before, I might have to find it and try it out.

So you use this while doing stretches to keep it warm? Or just to just to do a pre/post warm-up? Because I like the water soaking for the warm-up because water transfers the heat better, but I’m considering using this while I do stretches because I hate when my unit starts to get cold during the session, which is when I usually give myself an erection and then let it go back down just to warm back up. This heat lamp idea sounds like a good idea to try out.

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

Better than a gamma lamp I guess.

An update on the research.

I tried the ceramic room heater using one 600 watt element. It gives out the heat but I found my penis absorbed the heat OK making it very flexible and expanded. The problem then was it carried off the heat due to circulation of the blood, but the surrounding area (thighs, stomach) got very hot and uncomfortable so had to switch it off.

Then I looked for an old Phillips infra red lamp I had used years ago and tried it this morning.


from a distance of 12” the heat is comfortable and warms my dick beautifully. I can leave it on all the time and the heat really expands the girth. So half an hour or so of pulling, jelqing (dry, as I am not circumcised) bending and stretching; enjoyed every minute of it. After three hours it still feels glowing, but not burnt.

If you want more info I suggest you do a search on the internet under


These are infrared lamps made by Philips. In the UK they are available from Amazon for £14.95 circa $27.00 +postage etc.

They might be available on Ebay but if they have been used the filament may have been worn down by the heat and could break in the journey, which would render them useless.

A word of caution! Don’t use it where the your image it directed on the window curtains. You could get the best viewer ratings in the country!!!

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From what you say it suggests the lamp is a theatre lighting unit. You might have the same problem as I had with the ceramic heater as it could be spread over too wide a body area.

Since you have it, it might be worth a try, but you may find a proper infra red heater would (as suggested in another post) penetrate the body better and give more internal heat.

Good luck,


I couldn’t see the reference when I had a quick look whilst writing my piece on skin absorbtion. Looking at more leasure. It was quoted from Tube’s posting.

Thanks for the info Tube!


Keep right on to the end of the road!

This is very intriguing to me. Exercising with constant warmth. Since I am so fair skinned maybe my lube should be something like SPF 40 lol. Really though, it sounds great!

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