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Heard a pop

Heard a pop

I asked this in the Newbie Forum, but wanted some feedback from more experienced folks.

I’m new to the boards and about a month into PEing, my routine has gone from mostly Hot wrap 2-3 mins, manual stretching all directions then wet jelqing semi erect with some bone hard for about 10-15 mins. Read a thread last week about AI stretching and thought I would incoorporate this instead of the manual stretching ( which is tiring on the arms and hands) works pretty good, except when I pull toward 6 o’clock, straight to the floor, last thursday I felt a pop and was a little sore on my left side of my dick for a good two hrs before it went away. So I rested friday and all weekend and didn’t start up again till this a.m. I eased into the downward pull to be on the safe side and then got a little more aggressive, and pop felt the same snap on the left side. Am i tearing too much the lig on my left side and how to prevent this but to work at it in an aggressive way. My sessions in the am and pm 5 days on 2 off. Any help would be appreciated with my routine and what I’m doing to myself.
Should I lay off the stretches or “pull through” the pop?



Thanks DLD,

Just didn’t want to ask a dumb question. Those links put my mind at ease, I was definitely scared I was gonna break Mr. Happy for good doing this.

Re: Thanks

Originally posted by ciddog
Thanks DLD,
Just didn't want to ask a dumb question. Those links put my mind at ease, I was definitely scared I was gonna break Mr. Happy for good doing this.

Well 2 Good things came of it…Your mind is at ease and you are now a posting member! Wecome.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple


Actually, that’s the very same reason why I became a member here! Got a so called “lig pop” and to be honest, it scared me a little - so I needed to use the “search” function here. Both before and after becoming a member, I have got some very good advice here. I haven’t measured erect, but soft (that’s not “bone pressed or whatever you call it, just a tape measure from the base to the end when hanging) I am 17 cm. That’s about 6.5 inches I believe. Probably between 8 and 9 erect. I would guess at about 1 - 1.5 inch gains and noticable thickness gains. Didn’t take when I started, sorry.

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