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Healing The Old Boy

Healing The Old Boy

Hi, I am new here. Altough I am a member of other PE sites. I have pulled to hard during the length extenders and injured myself. I left the PE alone for 10 days before resuming, although I just did the jelqs as I thought the extending should wait a while longer, to insure proper healing. Well the stinging fealing came back over the course of 2 weeks jelqing. So I know I didn’t take long enough to heal, but I must have been atleast 50 percent there, if it took a whole 2 weeks of jelqing to accumulate a nigle again. This time I want to be sure that I am fully healed with some extra healing time thrown in to be absolutly sure.

Can someone with experience in this matter, let me know how much time I should take out before resuming. I was thinking of trying 5 weeks, but I could make a more educated guess if someone who had already been through such an experience, shared their insites.

Thankyou, I am liking this forum so far.


welcome aboard. I never injured myself doing PE, besides the unavoidable red spots and bruises, but I suggest you go an see a doc.

It might be a little bit uncomfortable to explain the situation but at least he can help you. It could be that you ripped a ligament off, which I doubt, or that you injured one of the ducts that carry your sperm. It could be a lot of things. A professional can help, go see him.

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Healing The Old Boy

Thanks for the advise, but I don’t think I need to see a doctor for such a problem, as when I aquired the injury I fealt the sting in the suspensory ligament, by the base of the penis. So I doupt it has anything to do with the sperm ducts. I don’t believe it has anything to do with tearing the suspensory ligament off, as no 1. I think that I would be in a lot more pain and it would’nt just hert when I try pulling on my member. It would hert all the time.

no 2. It took a lot of jelqing to even bring the pain back, so that time I had taken off, had already started to heal it somewhat, which obviosly leads to the conclusion that the injury type must be a healable one.

In some of the other forums I am a member of, veterens have talked about having the same type of injuries, that healed themselves by taking time out from the program.

Thankyou BIG, for your concernes. I think your a member of penilefitness. com, as I have seen some of your posts there. Well MAKO has had this type of injury and now he is fighting fit, after his time off to heal.

I would like to hear some more views on how long I should take out from PE to heal. Much appreciation!

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It’s a very difficult question … everyone’s healing times are different - only you will know. Monitor the situation yourself. Every few days very gently test to see how things are progressing. Make sure your intake of vitamin C is sufficient and suppliment it if necesary. Often heat pads applied to the area are beneficial - they can stimulate circulation and aid in healing. Gentle massage may also be beneficial. The key is to not force things too quickly otherwise you may end up at square #1 again. When you feel you’re ready, start with a low impact work out and work up from there. Be sensible - don’t force things too quickly and you’ll be back in the swing again in no time.

Of course if pain persists consult your healthcare professional.


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Thankyou 2BIG1, I am already taking a potent vitamin supplement with a dose of 350mg vit C and all the vit B’s, zinc, E, D, u know the rest. I will keep doing kegels and bend my dick along the shaft in all directions whilst 10% erect. This should keep the circulation at optimum levels. I eat a hell of a lot of protein as I do powerlifting and strong man lifts, so I will have ample aminos to rebuild the damaged area.

Thankyou. Keep the advise coming fellas. The more input I have the better, although like 2BIG1 sayed, it’s much about the individual circumstance.

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