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Head shrinkage

Head shrinkage

Has anyone else noticed this?

Mine’s a little on the small side to begin with I think, but after a month of consistent PE on the newbie routine, it seems like my head’s smaller. I’d considered that maybe my girth in the shaft had increased and made it seem smaller, but that wasn’t the case.

Don’t you think it is possible that your length has increased and it looked smaller this way?

I suppose, my initial measurements weren’t exact. I was just wondering if it was possible that any kind of head shrinkage could have occurred.

I have noticed what seems like head shrinkage a few times, but it doesn’t seem to be permanent. Depends on the type of erection, I think. I mostly experienced it with morning wood, whereas if I was jacking off, my head would be pretty much it’s normal size.

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Are you doing kegels Kaiowas? The muscle that is exercised with kegels is the one that is directly connected with the bulb of the penis which is directly connected, via the corpus spongiosum, to the glans (head). If you are fully erect and do a kegel, the head should swell. Doing kegels regularly, but not excessively, can strengthen the muscle and help pump up your glans when you have an erection.

I’m with aww. Sorry if I’m hijacking this thread, but thank you westla for that info, but it does not seem to help, I kegel regularly and it seems to do little, if any good. Is is that I have had no gains in the head, compared to the shaft?

The reason we get gains with PE is because the tough covering of the corpora cavernosa, the tunica albuginea, is stretched and expands, allowing more blood inside and allowing for larger erections. The glans has no tunica. It’s like a balloon. It expands under pressure, but contracts back to its resting state when there is no pressure.

There’s not much you can do to make it larger. There is this thread…

Head Size: Makes All the Difference in the Illusion of Size

…in which some exercises are promoted for head enlargement. But I’m not sure how well they work. A few have reported success, but overall it’s rather difficult to enlarge the glans, IMO.

I think you’ll find that throughout the whole process your dick will be changing. Sometimes I look down at my flaccid now and it has an appearance that it never had before- very thick at the base and then at others it looks kind of baseball bat-ish. It’s always changing slightly. This kind of “complaint” is common around here- but understandable.

Our cocks, no matter how “small” we may feel them to be, are one of our most favorite parts of our bodies. Small though they might be, we are damned *attatched* to them. One of the things you have to get over in PE is the fact that the changes you’re seeking come with occasional suprises and work-arounds.

Eventually, you have to realize that “getting a new dick” is all about tailor-making the dick you want and accepting the fact that along the way there will be periods where it “looks weird to you”.

Sooner or later, if you keep doing the jelqs you’ll be damn proud of your head. Keep it up and two years from now you’ll have a *monster* head.

;-) keep at it bro and remember that you *want* change. Sometimes, in order to get to a really beautiful spot you’ve got to go through a couple ugly towns.

p.s. make sure you’re keeping tension at the end of your jelq strokes and not letting go before giving the head a good stretch. However, don’t jelq the head itself!

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I’ve been slacking on kegels, I don’t do as many as I should that’s for sure. I read the head size threads earlier today and think I will probably start doing some BTB jelqs to see if that helps things at all, along with the newbie routine.

I have a similar problem. It seems that when I have an erection, (it is usually a good strong one, penis pointing up and everything) my head is not very hard or as big as it gets with jelqing. What can I do?

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