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Head hurts.

Head hurts.

I’ve been doing the DLD blasters and A stretches and after doing them using baby powder, my dick head is so torn up that I can’t ejaculate while having sex. This is a huge set back in that it totally hinders sex while pe’ing. Like, right around the ring of the head of my dick there’s little sensitivity ball receptor things, and they are really sore. Has anyone else had this problem, and what did you do about it?

Never had this kind of problems. Do you squeeze your head, while doing your stretches?

Does this symptoms only come from A-stretches and DLD blaster, or also if you’re

doing your normal stretches?

I grab below my shaft, and don’t put too much pressure on my penis.

I often used to grab harder, the more I stretch. But this isn’t always necessary.

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Yea, my skin’s just getting chaffed and sore from pulling on it so hard with baby powder.

maximum Gayne,

You have been pulling too hard on your glans and causing this severe discomfort and chafing. My advice is to STOP stretching right now and let your dick heal for at least 3 -4 days. PE’ing should NEVER be painful! Re-evaluate your routine and choice of techniques. Get better soon.


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My head is always a little tender after manual stretching, and I have never had a problem like the one you describe. Then again, I don’t usually have sex after I PE. You could just try not having sex after PE, or like someone else said take it easy for a while.

Actually I’ve have been having a similiar problem, but not quite the same.
Even after a 3 week lay off, I am not completely healed.

I was doing my same as usual routine with DLD blasters, and the head was fully engorged, but the next day I had a stinging pain at the head (actually it was the ring around the base of the head called sulcus i think). It has been very sensitive and sore since. After my three weeks lay off, I had a very light session, but the stinging pain returned the next day though not quite as bad. So now I have been applying some Metholatum and I am hoping this time my lay off will actually heal it for good.

I have searched for this injury but haven’t come up with anything so far.

Anyone with any ideas? Some advice would really be appreciated.

Definitely getting bigger.


Try using rubber gloves instead of (or with) baby powder. I had the same problem. I also found that using more than one finger and a thumb helped a lot.

Try different things with your grip:
*Try with your palm at the bottom of your penis if you normally have the palm along the top and vice versa.
*Try gripping using your index and middle finger together, more fingers if needed
*If you’re very careful, allowing a very small amount of blood into your gland may keep your grip from riding over your korona (the outer rim of your glans). Stretching with a small amount of blood in your glans is something you’ll want to be careful with, as it can cause red spots. When I do it, I experience no pain in my glans and I have no red spots at all. If my glans swells up and gets very tight, I squeeze some of the blood out and try again.

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I agree with Peforeal and KOG, try different grips and lay off the baby powder. The powder is what is causing the chafing

Experiment with different grips. I was having problems with soreness too(though less severe than what you describe) As a result of that I use several different gripping techniques throughout my manual stretch sessions. This prevents overconcentrating pressure on one particular area.

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