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Head enlargement: Does anyone do this?

Head enlargement: Does anyone do this?

I feel I have managed to enlarge my head to a certain degree. What I do is that I jelq, and when my penis is engorged to max I press at the bottom to utterly expand the top of my penis, much like an Uli I believe. Then, when having a really powerfull engorgement I place my palm at the top of my expanded glans and gently adding pressure. This way I really get a good pressure on the ridge of my glands, which you should feel. After just doing a few random sessions I have experienced that my head has changed and is thicker at the ridge, and my penis is more mushroom shaped. After a few times the ridge thickness has moved upwards towards the top of my penis.

However I haven’t really tested out this method frequently, and I have not being doing it controlled. Not even lately. Therefore I do not know if it works, and what results it will give. The only thing I know is that it seems to be permanent. I was prepared for the effect subsiding, as it is close to common knowledge that the tissue of the glands does not consist of the same tissue as the rest of the penis, but actually I am yet to experience reduction to normal size.

Anyways I was just curious if anyone would have ever done this exercise before with success, or maybe someone was willing to try this out on a regular basis? I would like to try, but now I have good effect from jelqing, and don’t want to disturb my routine. Though I will, sooner or later, try to add this exercise to my routine. It’s not like I want to use anyone as test bunnies.. :D

What do your think?

Check out Sadsak’s Head Exercise for a really powerful glans exercise.

What you’re doing sounds like a jelq squeeze variant.


What I do is actually much alike that but I also add further pressure at the top of the head. Making alot of pressure against the ridge of the glans.

I’d be interested in glans sizes. Iam 2” and I think your method sounds a good way to gain.

2” here, too.

I used to do head jelqs. Very short ones but with a full erection, starting maybe 1.5 inches behind the head and moving up. It creates enormous pressure so be careful not to overdo it in the beginning.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

That’s a great thread Mem. The head is definetely tough but it looks like its possible.

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