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Haven't gained anything for 9 months


Haven't gained anything for 9 months

For all these months my size is 6.5 length and 5.5 width and hasnt’ changed at all. Not even 1 centimeter! Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong? I really want my length. My goal is 8” by 6 width”
My schedule is 3 days on, 1 day off, then 2 days on 1 day off.
Mon, Tues, Wed: PE
Thu: Rest
Fri, Sat: PE
Sun: Rest

I do it once a day before I go to bed.
10 minutes hot wrap with a heating pad

20-25 minutes stretching: First I grab around the head and I pull sraight forward for 30 seconds. Shake it off for 10 seconds. Stretch again forward 3 more times. Second, I pull to the right for 30 seconds and do it 4 times. Third, I pull the left 30 seconds 4 times. Fourth, i pull up for the same time and reps. Fifth, I pull down same time same reps. After that I pull straight out, but in a circular fashion clockwise for 35 counts I do it slowly; takes about 1 minute or two. Finally I do v-stretches: I pull with my right hand straight out and with my left thumb I press down on the middle shaft for 10 seconds. Then I go to the base, then to the top. This takes about 5-10 minutes.

20-25 minutes jelqing with pc flex. I alternate hands every 3 to 5 seconds with a 40% erection from base to top. Each stroke I do a pc flex.

10 minute hot shower
Total: it takes usually an hour for a session.

Maybe your over doing it

Maybe your over working your member, I have been doing PE for almost 3 months and I have gained 1/2 inch BPEL. I stretch for 10 minutes and intense 3 second jelqs for 10 minutes. I warm up with a 10 minute hot wrap and end with a hot wrap. Big’n’uncut wrote a long post talking about how overtraining can minimize results. Maybe someone will post a link to Big’s post. Good luck with future gains

take a week off. then resume your routine or something similar.

Your routine sounds like mine. If you can’t make it grow with this routine, you may try a shock regimen or consider another modality like pumping or hanging.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

ed, I can feel your fustration….I have some suggestions and maybe they will help.

First thing I can tell you with me anyway is I NEVER gain when I am feeling negative and fustrated. A huge part of my program is meditation. Not in a hippy way, but more in a visualizational way. I try to picture the penis I want and I beleive I have it. I close my eyes when I train and I really picture this being true….With every stroke, stretch, excercise, and day I trully beleive I am moving closer to this. When I first started my program I thought this visualization stuff was bullshit, but I beleived that the guy who was doing it believed so I tried it. Over time I have been able to reach my goals through this hokey shit and my program. I will post what I started doing in the beginning of my program and what I am currently doing and maybe you will see something there that may be of interest. You can always PM me or email me if you’d like. I hope this helps

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Hi Ed,

you don’t say how long you’re doing PE altogether. But, anyways, change your routine from time to time, meaning every 2 months or so. Throw in some exercises that you haven’t done yet, because your body will adapt to older exercises you probably keep doing over and over again. Not a good thing…my man.

Also, step up the intensity. I can’t say this enough, shorten the time of your exercises and rather increase intensity. Go for a high intensity, short workout, maybe 1/2 hr max. That, combined with new exercises, should get you through the misery you’re in right now.

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Uncut4Big / Mike

edharris,, from the Phat one

I hear you. I was almost as bad as you.

I must disagree with a poster, with respect for his position mind you, about being negative
and depressed.

To my utter disbelief and stark astonishment, I had the biggest and fastest gain of my entire 2 and
one half year/slow gaining/ PE history during one of the biggest depressions of my entire
life. I have never felt so low and negative, and my gains were never more solid.

That is anecdotal, but true for me.

My adivice is this: take off two full months and forget about PE. Do the other things in life
you enjoy and womanize if single or love your wife with all you have got if married.

Then come back in October and measure and begin all over again, but this time add hanging.

I’ll leave ya with this bit of wisdom from Thomas Edison:

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when
they gave up.”


take a break

Thanks for everyone’s input. Uncut4big, I started exercising all together since September 2001. I’m going to take off for a few weeks. I used the bib hanger 4 months for 6 weeks but it didn’t do anything so I just went back to stretch manually and jelq. I’m going to start all over again and do the exercises with more intensity and less time I’ll may use the hanger again. I’ll try it for about a year. If nothing works. I’m going to call it quits. Maybe it doesn’t work for everyone.



When you hung, did you hang ‘til fatigued and then continue to hang at reduced weights, for several sets. I have kinda had your results with hanging. I’d hang for two sets , three times a day BTC. Over time I increased weight as I could tolerate it. I say no improvement after four months.Someone suggested that I needed to hang til fatigue, then reduce weight and continue hanging at reduced weight. I’ve finally been able to accomplish this state(ie being able to continue hanging in a fatigued state) I have onle reached this condition about a week ago so can’t yet report actual results,however my impression is that I’m doing some real good here. I believe this process was given to me by goindeep. I’m pretty sure it’s working. Try it and see how it feels to you.


You should do a search for all the post by BIB. Read them all. You will no everything you need to know about hanging. I routinely go back and read his posts. It has helped me alot. Also, read LIL’s progress report…very enlightening.

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After I take a break I’m going to only hang. I’ll do the same routine:
Mon,Tue,Wed: hang
Thur: off
Fri, Sat:hang
Sun: off

Surfer, when I did hanging a couple months ago I did for 3 sets 25 minutes each with 10 minute break (my max was 18 pounds, started at 2 1/2 pounds). My penis did feel fatigue. But I gained nothing no length not even flaccid length. And I followed the directions very closely. I’ve studied lil1’s routine but I cannot keep up with it because I don’t have the time. Where can I buy the traction wrap? Maybe that might help.
So, I’ll try it once again. I’ll start at 5 pounds then increase from there. I’ll do one set with 10 minutes 5 days a week and try it out for 6 months to see if it works.

Traction Wrap


Take a look at the list of the forums and you’ll see a new “tutorial” by lil12big1. It’s absoluitely the best post I’ve read. I tried something virtually identical when my enlargter strap kept slipping off. I tried to describe it to someone. My description, didn’t compare with lil’s. Not only is the description excellent, the whole process is shown in pictures, one step at a time. As a bonus, if you have some theraband is that it costs nothing.

Congratulations lil12big1 and presumably to Thunder for providing this format. Truley bitchin’.


I went to “lil1’s Simple ADS Tutorial” but it says: Please wait while the movie loads even after 20 minutes. I got a cable connection. What kind of software do i need?



I’m just hook up to phone line and I get hooked up almost immediately. Maybe Thunder can shed light on whether there is some problem with cable.


Hey edharris,

It should work extremely well with cable. Make sure you have don’t have java or anything like disabled in your browser. Also check and make sure you don’t have a file size limit or anything like that enabled. Also try hitting the refresh button to see if that helps. If you still can’t get it to load, post here and maybe one of these compouter gurus can help. Let us know!!

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Hey ed!

If the movie doesn’t start loading in under one minute, then you know something is not right. All you need is a Flash plugin - comes with most browsers as standard these days. Maybe it’s not installed correctly or corrupted? Go to the Macromedia site and download the latest version, that should fix it! :)

lil1 :littleguy

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