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Have to be a little nutty to keep going.

Have to be a little nutty to keep going.

I agree with some of the prior posts that you have to have a bit of a screw loose to keep doing this. It takes so much darn time and why? My wife thinks mine is fine or big already but for some reason I want more. I think about quitting every day I do it and then the ruler shows a tiny gain and I get the urge to do it even more. Maybe some shrink can diagnose our problem? I want to keep trying until I reach 8x6. But I think most people are not dedicated to go at it long enough to get real results. And the more people who do it, the more that will get injured. Soon you will hear only stories of poor men who exploded their cocks doing PE. I can just see the media having a blast with that and ignoring all the people that it has worked for.

My advice is: if the wife is happy, just do the maintanance routines. A bigger penis is not worth jepardizing your relationship over.

I am building a weapon of ass destruction!

im not trying to advertise,

but i joined a certain site who has 15 minute to 30 minute workouts. It is comprised of several different excersize, and they claim that their different excersize give you better results then these 1 hour workouts.

so far it has been one week, i guess ill be able to tell in a month or so. If i do find it worked for me, then ill post some here.

I think I know what site your talking about, don’t want to say the name though ( that would be helping them get customers!)

anyway I don’t think doing all the different exercises would be better than plan old jelqing, uil, and the horses! most of the other stuff gives about the same amount of stress or less!

Just my 2 cents though!



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