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Have any of my fellow PE'ers had pumping take away from their length gains

Have any of my fellow PE'ers had pumping take away from their length gains

The reason I ask, Is I have heard two theories.

The first, obviously being that the more girth, the harder to gain length. Which is why my length gains are so stubborn.

The second, is that for maximum gains to occur, you must fully stretch out the tissues (I use a vac-hanger for 3 sets a day now, and have been for 2 weeks) And after I notice it hangs longer, I can see more veins, and the head is definitely engorged from the pressure (good thing in my opinion and the sex partner) However after pumping It doesn’t hang low anymore.

What are your guys thoughts?

Thanks everyone!

Pumping has not made my penis shorter, either flaccid or erect.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

I suppose I should add in that my ONLY goal is length, and I want one inch.

Don’t listen to any theories…listen to you penis.

I have gained extra length from pumping-the most since I started newbie routine.

Oh wow okay, Thats pretty solid advice actually. That would mean by the looks of it I will try just hanging for a week and see what happens.

I’ve been pumping since 2001 and made both substantial length and girth gains simultaneously.

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Nope, no loss of length.

Whenever I may have overdone it with the pump I experience a bit of turtling which results in a lower flaccid hang, but a little jelqing and manual stretching will usually make things right again.

*You're in the right place – all the information you could ever need about PE is only a forum search away!*

Take your time, pick a simple routine you can stick to, and be consistent in your efforts. Patience is the key.

Interesting. Perhaps it just looks smaller due to the increased girth. Have any of you ever taken a deacon break of any kind? I have pretty much been stuck at this size (only thing that increased was BPFSL) But I have a feeling maybe that would let my Wang lengthen again. I just have no idea how I could even manage not doing any exercises for it for a month! I am addicted.

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