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Has PEing taught you discipline?


Discipline is probably a prerequisite to successful PE, unless you are an easy gainer :p . If one came to PE with discipline they would have an easier time consistently following their routine than if they had to climb the PE mountain and learn discipline along the way. Time to gain and cement PE results should be measured in years and I hope over that time I have gained more discipline. In R Dopa’s case he took the discipline he gained from improving his health to improving his sex life. I will take the discipline I gain here and apply it other areas as well.

Big to bigger.

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PE came to me as I was becoming disciplined and hey presto, success. Nothing like being rewarded with a gain to maintain that discipline though. Also as someone mentioned, you can watch porn whilst you do it!:D

The best thing for discipline is to get into a routine in my opinion. Make it a routine full of good habits though.


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