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Has PE Improved Your General Health?

Has PE Improved Your General Health?

Since I started PE last October I have noticed an improvement not only in my penile health, but in my all around general health, both physical and mental. I have more energy, I have lost twenty pounds on a low-carb food plan, my blood cholesterol and glucose have dropped considerably, and my mental outlook is much more positive.

I have much more stamina now. My grip and my lower arm muscles are stronger, from all the jelqing and stretching!!! :D I’m sure my version of the lazy ass stretch has also helped condition my lower body, i.e. thighs, buttocks, groin area, etc. Even my scrotum is rounder and fuller.

I am wondering whether this is all coincidental or if there is a cause/effect relationship. I would love to hear other members’ takes on this subject.


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When you do something like PE and spend as much time doing it as we do, you start to care more about the rest of your body too and think about how you can just as easily do more in other areas of your life. This leads us to be super humans with huge penis’ that will change the world!

PE for yourself, PE for the world! :buttrock:

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Maybe it is because PE causes extra testosterone to be released having a positive influence on one’s health?

Originally Posted by Andrew69
Maybe it is because PE causes extra testosterone to be released having a positive influence on one’s health?

What causes extra testosterone to be released?

Has PE Improved Your General Health?

I would have to guess, no. But what makes it difficult to say with certainty is that short of any glaring health problem, who or what can determine if a person is more or less healthy one year, or one month, or one week to the next.
I don’t feel any better or worse (physically) than I did when I began PE, but I can tell you that I was definitely in better physical shape:
The more time spent working PE, the less time spent working out.

If you want to include mental health into the general health description, then I would have to say yes - I am in far better shape now than before PE.

Getting a bigger unit works wonders for a man’s overall mood. Makes him happy.

I stopped going to gym after I started to PE, I’m close to a pencil-neck now…

Looking to be a kiwi.

Well I started working out again about a month before starting PE, and I’ve kept up with both. I feel great!
I suppose if I was spending alot more time doing PE I might have less time for other things which could hurt my health improvements I’m making.

Manual stretching really does work the endurance on your arms and hands, I think my grip etc has improved from it. (and from the gym workouts ta boot)

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

I think a lot of it is your mental state too. When you are PEing, see results, and keep at it, you think to yourself that you are doing your body good. Your gains make you feel happier and better about yourself. And remember kids, your only as old as you feel. And if you look good, you’ll feel good!

Horse: I think it’s coincidental, at least for me. Over the past year or so I’ve lost over 30 pounds, started exercising again, have become more connected with my spiritual side, and have worked to put some spark back into my marriage of 20+ years. PE was the last part of the “RubberbandMan Self-Improvement Program” to be put into place. I suspect that for a lot of the guys here PE is just another part of wanting to take better care of the whole person, especially for us (and I’m going to generalize) older members.

If this is a mid-life crisis, at least it’s a positive one. :)

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Well I guess when I hit middle age I’ll already have a huge penis, so I’ll have to find something else to obsess over, maybe I’ll do the motorbike and 18 year old girls thing, that sounds good. :/D

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

Originally Posted by ICM
What causes extra testosterone to be released?

ICM, I have no proof that it is actually happening, it was just a thought!!
Perhaps it is all the playing with ourselves stimulates extra hormone production? I don’t know, I’m just throwing ideas about!

I guess testosterone level increases by doing PE, because I have noticed (and other people too, including my wife) that I am growing up continuously, ie. two years ago I was 68 kilos at 175 cm, since I started PE I gained 7 kilos in 6 months. I also work out sometimes, and the gains in muscle mass are incredible, any bodybuilder would kill for such progress rate. As I workout, I still gain weight, in muscle mass, not fat.

Unfortunately, I only found this site a few days ago, so my work on PE was somewhat experimental. Anyhow, I had progresses, mostly in girth, and now I will start a real PE program.

Maybe you will ask if my wife noted any difference in my penis’ size. Well, this is the main reason I started PE, lately (after giving birth to our second child) she is very loose, funny thing :) is that she is the ONLY woman I have been with to be so loose.

As to the problem of doing PE against doing workout, if you only do PE without workout, soon your body will not have enough strength to support your big erection. You will end with a BIG flaccid penis, which is not going to help much.

Allot of interesting opinions on why PE improves health.
I got another one, according to some Chinese believes pulling your penis makes the chi go down and it will then rise up in the body. Some martialarts practitioners hang wights from there penis to increase there chi, and that there penis gets bigger don’t seam to be a down side for them.

Having more chi is very good for the health, it protects the body and makes it stronger. The sexual energy we feel in our body is chi but its is at another frequency so it feels different from the chi that is constant in our body. That is why it is easier to feel the chi when it gets sexual.

On a personal note i did have a big energy spike when i stared PE, if that was from the increased level of hormones/endorphins or if it was all mental i don’t know, but after about one weak it was gone, and i was as i where before i started.

What ever health benefits you experience from PE its all good ill say, its different on every one i guess, and if you notice any thing its just another reason to do some PE.

I seem to miss the gym to much do to hanging so I would properly be in better shape if not for PE. But my penis health is great :)

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