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Has PE cost you any friends?


Has PE cost you any friends?

Did you ever fell that people “liked you” or that you “fit in” because of your small penis?

Have you found that gaining size has put a strain on those friendships?

Do you sometimes wish that bulge in your pants would go down a bit, because it’s just attracting too much attention!?

Nope, they just gotta deal with it! :D

Though I’m only above average, not huge yet. But even then, I stick to my guns on this issue, if they don’t like it, they can PE to catch up.

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

I would NEVER wish for my bulge to go down. Only for it to get BIGGER!!! That’s why I’m here!!!!

If they are envious, tell them to try PE.

Not an issue I dont have any friends.

Just kidding, I think IF I had told anyone else I would understand somewhat but then again they would just have to get over it.

My wife and I have worked very hard and we had initially lost a few good friends because they were jealous of our “overnite success”. They didnt really say anything directly but they just became less and less accessible to us. We were hurt at first but then decided “fuck it” and we were the same assholes with money as we were when we didnt have money. They eventually got over it but I am very careful not to discuss any big financial anythings with them, even if they bring it up. I no longer need validation with my financial success.

I hope I can say the same thing about my PE success.

I look at both situations this way — I dont flaunt it but I’m not going to hide it either.

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

They don’t call me ModestoMan for nothing. I feel very uncomfortable upsetting the social hierarchy. All my adult and adolescent life I’ve envied big bulges. Now that I hope to be getting one, I don’t know how to take it.

You mean I’m gonna BE that guy! No way. I don’t want to be the object of anyone’s envy. I just want to be satisfied with myself. There’s some comfort in being modest. Now what do I do?

I think outright flaunting of assets is usually socially inappropriate. Some very famous people seem to think they have to (Eminem and B. Spears come quickly to mind) but they live in very rarified air.

Down here, on the planet, life’s a little different.

I feel this way. I worked very hard and very long to get good erect size and even harder to get flaccid gains. I feel comfortable dressing my (finally) nice bulge down for business situations but I let it show for casual, social things and wear jeans or tailored slacks or shorts for those; sometimes I even freeball. I get looks and that is a new and fun thing for me. Divorcees hit on me, all the time. I’m even gay and it still keeps happening. Should I fight this, having worked years to get here? Noooooo. Do I care if you (male or female) look at my crotch before meeting my eyes? Yes. And thank you for that. A high compliment to me in this, our very sex-soaked culture.



I think I’m suffering from the Freudian thing: castration anxiety. If Dad ever knew how much fun I was having with my penis, he’d certainly cut it off!

I feel this way mostly around authority figures—bosses and people high up in my profession—people whose asses I feel I have to kiss. There’s no way I want them to know how happy I am. They’d kill me.

This probably isn’t as important now as it used to be, because now I work for myself. But there are still clients and colleagues, right?

I need to find the right attitude. How to be hung, but not be a prick. How to be hung, but still come across as modest and funny. Or maybe, how to accept my own dominance and leave it to other people to adapt. I’m not sure.

I once had a friend that told me he wouldn’t hang out (no pun intended) with me or any other guy that was hung, which I wasn’t but am working toward it. Now that my flaccid has become enough so that it shows at least some usually (unless I were to constrict it with tight underwear), I guess it’s best we have since long since lost contact with each other. I’ve into hanging weights now (use to only jelq and fowfer) and have 8.8 lbs hanging from my dick as I type. I hope it pulls my dick to hanging to the floor in time and all my friends run and hide and pretend not to know me. :D

Except for the ladies of course.

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In purely male (straight) company I don’t think it’s a problem.
Who cares about the size of your best buddy’s shlong?
A little below average, average, above average, not a big difference. If he’s sporting a truly remarkable flaccid
one (never seen any in my life), you might ask if he gets light-headed when he gets an erection :)
The problems usually arise when there is an attractive girl. That’s when insecurities kick in. However, a good friend would never interfere.

What kind of bulge are you talking about? Everyone has some when wearing briefs. When I wear boxers I don’t have any at all. I was never specifically looking for bulges on other men. However, looking casually, I have never seen any that would catch my eye.

This almost sounds like the beginning of an infomercial!

But to answer the question, no, if anything it earns me respect!

Stupid questions, but I like the avatar.

If having a bigger member means I might lose some friends, so be it.

They’ll only be replaced by more lady friends.

Originally Posted by ModestoMan
They don’t call me ModestoMan for nothing.

Oh, now I get your name. Modest! And all this time I thought you might be Scott Peterson.

You already have a motto, you know: water, wealth, contentment, health.

But no. I don’t plan to lose any friends over PE. Instead, I like to think I’ll make some women friends who’ll want to pound my chubby.

One of us has to be Scott Peterson, but it’s not me.

As for my motto, check out my avatar:

“To protect the world from devastation;
To unite all peoples within our nation;
To denounce the evils of truth and love;
To extend our reach to the stars above … “

“You mean I’m gonna BE that guy! No way. I don’t want to be the object of anyone’s envy. I just want to be satisfied with myself. There’s some comfort in being modest. Now what do I do?”

I feel the same way there modesto, I know the feeling and don’t wish it on anyone else unless they’re jerks. For example, I’ve got a good friend let’s call him friend A) when I’ve just finished a workout and I’ve got a bulge going on, I rather hide it from him because I know he’s no hulk in the pants and I respect his feelings.

On the other hand, there’s “friend” B) who is a total, machoman type jerk and I love to show off the bulge in front of him because, contrary to the way he acts, he’s really not big in the pants at all, so I think of it as a lesson in modesty when I show off in front of him.

Then there’s friend C) who’s mostly modest but, definatly not modest about his large penis. I make SURE that every time we’re doing something like .. working out, where he’ll be able to notice the bulge, that I do a good hard workout before hand so he sees my post session gains and thinks it’s normal.. he needs a lesson in modesty as well hehe.

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