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Has been known to work for muscles and breast tissue


Has been known to work for muscles and breast tissue

I have read interesting articles with some scientific research on breast enlargement through hypnosis, also there have been many studies successfully performed for muslce mass increase due to hypnosis. There are enlargement programs using this method for the penis out there. I wonder if this is possible and how much influence the mind has on increasing cell growth.

Bearing in mind the muscle growth it says was achieved because the nerve impulses that stimulate muscle growth (an area that responds well to suggestion) were activated during hypnosis. The muscles are an area of the body that is designed to increase in mass under stress/encouragement.

What do you think gents?

First thought: Hell no!!!!

Second thought: I don’t think so.

Third thought: If they can give a sugar pill to 4,000 people and 400 actually show an improvement……….ummmmmm, LET ME GO THE THE DICK HYPNOTIZER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If that were true,

1. I’d be a lot taller than I am

2. My breast would be much bigger than they are

3. I wouldn’t smoke.

Power of suggestion is very powerful, don’t get me wrong, however, muscle mass is only going to grow due to micro tearing and repairing. Besides, the penis is not muscle (does have a layer in it) and breast are mostly fatty tissue.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:


Did you try hypnosis for the three areas that you mentioned, as you state that “If that were true,…”.


LoL……The chances are that it won’t work for anything else than a few laughs.

I think my dick will grow.

I think my dick will grow.

Damn it, guess I’ll spend another 75 for another session.

I just did 10 minutes

of hypnosis and went to 15”x10”, wow. LOL



It might work in some…….1 in 1000 but I am not going to go pay someone to mess with my mind…….I can do that myself……My mind and my asshole are off limits!!!


No, I have not done this myself, but do know others that have tried it.

Reminded me of a joke tho, and this is a good place to put it.

A gentleman gets on a cross town bus headed for a doctors appointment, he comes across a lovely young thing who is rubbing her chest saying over and over “Scooby Dooby Do, I want bigger boobs!”. He watches her for a moment and then asks her ” “Do you go to Dr. Smith by any chance?” The lovely young thing replies”Yes, how did you know?” The gentleman then says Hickory Dickery Dock, I want a bigger cock!”

Point of the story is, that only hard work, dedication and desire are what is going to increase the size of any muscle, or penis. Hypnosis can work for smoking cessation and weight loss, but only for a limited time.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Hypnosis only works if you are able to suspend disbelief. If, of course it does actually work then you have to believe that it works for it to work. If it works. But if I’m not sure that it works how can I suspend…eh, nevermind.

I do believe in the sugar pill theory and that hypnosis might work for some. But a sugar pill doesn’t work if you know that its a sugar pill. I’m not saying that people who react to hypnosis are stupid or gullable, just that it takes someone that is naturally less skeptical than the general population. If it works, that is.

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Excellent post!!!!

Thanks KingUBU

I’d like to try it.

I know a guy who hasn’t picked up a cigarette since he tried hyptnosis to help him quit.

Salvatore or anyone,

Does you know some link to texts to make a self-made tape.
Im not really looking for penis enlargement texts but it maybe work for weight loose, positive thinking, etc…



King UBU,

They actually did some tests using placebos (sugar pills) where the subjects knew they were given only a placebo - and they had the same results as when the users thought they were getting an actual drug. So still the placebo effect works when you know its a placebo…

The human mind is truly remarkable…

See Ya,


I know hanging will make my dick longer. I believe it will. I know it will because I’ve seen it work in the past not only for myself but, many others as well. I believe it will because like I’ve said, it has worked for me. However it will not work if I dont do it. My penis will not get longer if I do not exert some sort of force (Hanging) to my penis to make it longer. Maaan, that is deep! I think I just connected with myself on a much deeper plane of my existence. ;)

“There Is No Spoon”

I very much think this could work for some people, but only those that are able to break out of the Matrix so to speak. It has been said before, but it can be said again, “It’s all in your mind”.

Let me tell you something really amazing that happened in my best friends family. They had just bought this new “thing” (can’t remeber what it is called in english, but it’s like a fire place for the living room but than again it is not). Anyway this thing was really heavy, it took two strong guys to move the bloody thing. After much hard work thay had finally placed it in the corner of the room where it was supposed to stand. To their suprise they found the damn thing back in the midle of the room the next morning. They were very much troubled with who could have come in in the midle of the night just to move that heavy thing back into the midle of the room. So they were shocked when they found ash stains on a 6 year old girl who stayed there for the night. That is why you should be very carefull with people who walk in their sleep. Their brain is not following the same set of rules as when you are awake, allowing sleep walkers to become much stronger than they would normaly be. You have probaly heard of people grinding their teeth when they are sleeping making this very ugly sound. They are not able to make this sound though when they are awake, as the brain then has a limit to how hard it will let you bite so you won’t break your teeth.

Well my point is that we all could mentally grow a bigger dick if we knew how to trick our mind, I don’t know that much about hypnosis but I guess that is a way to trick the mind. After all our brain did order a bigger dick when we were 14 , so would it be so out-of-this-world if it did a re-order?


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