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Has anyone tried......


Has anyone tried......

A strict day on day off routine? Like one day you jelq and the next day you rest? I know when I use to weightlift, i got much faster and better results when I changed my routine from working out 5 days straight a week with the weekend off to working out every other day. In fact, I made more progress in a couple weeks with on/off than I did in 3 months with the 5 days straight. The penis isn’t really a muscle obviously but do you guys think this would work for pe as well? If the gains are made on rest days or when we are at rest, would having more rest days (everyother day) make faster progress? Has anyone tried this?

I don't think so

I think once you start a routine of penis enlargement which I did 22 months ago, you kind of stick with it. I go 5 or 6 days on and one day off. The thing with penis enlargement is that it

becomes an obsession. Once you start to get results you want to keep them and move on to the next plateau and besides it is a very stimulating thing to do. I find it exciting and it feels good to do. Much different than weight lifting. This is a very good feeling and I like doing it as often as possible.


Whenever there was a period where yu we’re pretty sore inside your unit, would you ever take a day off just out of the blue?

On ocassion

Once in awhile it does get a little sore. why don’t you join me in the yahoo jelqer room to talk

about this and stuff.

Thats cool

I like to refine what I do. I jelq 6 days a week. I’m just seeing if I can improve upon this. This stuff is very addictive. I like doing it too!

Hi fellow PE’ers

When I first started, (this goes the same for after long periods of non-PE - eg 1-2 months).. my enthusiasm is sky high and I try to get at least a 5 day on 2 day off type schedule.

The problem is my work - there are months when I can dedicate a serious program schedule, and others, for example what’s happening to me now (xmas and new year period.. It’ s getting impossible to have more than two or three days consistency (I have to travel a lot, go to conferences, meetings, stay-up with clients’, take them out for drinks, etc…, stay in hotels - and literally try to find time to sleep).

I’m going to be doing a “one-day on-one day off”, if not it’ll be “two days on-one day off” (when I can I try to do an “AM” and a “PM” session… maybe If I get atleast one session per day I’ll be happy! - you’re right.. this can be addictive!)

Two things:

#1 - Because of my time constraints, I’ll be gearing my PE sessions for more intensity.

#2 - I’m trying an “all day stretch” type thing to see if this will help in my quest for length, and to not get so “uptight” when I can’t get a a PE session done!

my 2 cents


Yes, I jelq one day on, one day off, and seeing results. Having a PE session everyday would mean the little spare time I got would vanish.



we just finished an experiment here on this board that dealt with exactly the same issue. Rest Days.

The duration of the experiment was 2 months, and I must say, I had excellent gains.

My routine mainly was a high-intensity one, 2 days on, followed by at least 2 days of rest. After that I did 3 days on, and only 1 day off, and so forth….

It worked. You need rest days, because that’s when the growth takes place. Don’t think you grow when jelquing or stretching. You grow when resting. Simple as that.

And in my opinion, a high-intensity workout followed by a good rest period can probably do more then 5 or 6 days on and only 1 day off. I did that routine before and had only modest gains over a long period of time. The experiment got me almost 1/2 an inch in length in 2 months. Today, I’m totally convinced, that shorter workouts and appropriate rest periods are the key to a bigger dick. Not the endless jelquing sessions I used to do.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike


I’m trying to decide the same thing. I’ve been doing a program where I go 6 days on, 1 day off. However my time is 10 minutes wrap/20-25 minutes intense jelqs, ulis, and squeezes. Do you really think I should do 3 days on with 2 off and still stick with 30 minute workouts or should I make my work days more intense….1 hour jelq? Thanks


A kind of had a feeling that more rest days might work better. I’m gonna try day on/day off.

Thanks guys.

The problem with the 1 day on / 1 day off routine is that your dick can never fully heal. It night only heal particially because the cells need probably more than one day to recover and grow.

If you do the 2 days on / 2 days off routine, you’ll be sure about two things:

1. The complete / thorough breakdown of the cells

2. The complete / thoruogh healing of the cells

I find that theory interesting.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Sounds great

I think I’ll do day on day off however and just do less intense of a rountine so the healing can occur during the rest day.


Whoops, wrong thread.

EDIT: I fixed it for you newbie. ThunderSS

Sounds good

I think I’ll do day on day off however and just do less intense of a rountine so the healing can occur during the rest day.

breakdown/healing theory (?)

Hi Uncut,
(and others)
I was wondering about the “breakdown” and “healing” of cells.
(perhaps I should have started a new thread here?)

Firstly: “Breakdown” - I was convinced that the cells don’t actually “break-down”. I thought that the cells (as in “normal” muscle tissue cells - AND “erectile” muscle tissue cells), because of their’ structures, when they reach their maximum stress capabilities (in the case of PE - engorgement), new cells are produced (thus the increase in size).

Secondly: “healing” - Because of the “exercise”, the cells are, as it were, “re-educated”, thus, the need for more cells - the healing period is the time needed for the addition of new cells.

I don’t know if I’ve explained what I trying to say here, but.. Any comments???

P.S. As my previous posts.. I’m kind of being forced to have 1 o 2 days of “rest”, between 1 or 2 days of PE’ing… so far it doesn’t seem to be detrimental!

Later. TroyT


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