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Has anyone tried either of these?

Has anyone tried either of these?

Hey y’all. I’ve been playing around with a jelq/stretch excercise that seems to work pretty decently. Also, this morning, I came up with a new idea for a stretch, of sorts. First…
1.) The jelq/stretch I’ve been doing is this: First, with about 33% erection, you stretch as much as possible straight out at a ninety degree angle from the body with the left hand. Pretend the left hand is anchored to an immovable spot in the air. With the right hand, begin a slow, one-handed jelq AND push downward. The jelq started from the base, obviously. The idea is to work the V-stretch in with a jelqing motion.
2.) This may only work on folks with an LOT of about 9-o’clock or better. Again, stretch to full capacity, with the head between 9 and 7. Maintain the stretch, but feel around the base for the tight ligaments. I think these are the suspensary ligaments. For me, it was smack dab in the middle/top of the base. I began gently massaging the tight ligaments and trying to get them to loosen, while maintaining the full flacid stretch. I pressed and stretched at it with a warm stone, and when I measured after my shower, I was about .15-.2 inches longer.

These might not be new for the forum, but I don’t think I saw anyone mention using either, and when I tried to search, I just found stuff on v-stretches OR jelqing, or stretching OR suspensary ligs. I’d love some feedback. Thanks guys- PN

PS: for all the folks that helped me with my girl problem before, I seem to have another girlfriend of sorts, and the first girl seems to be doing fine. Thanks!

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Yeah… I do that occasionally. There’s a lot of exercises like that, that aren’t really straight forward enough to be considered seperate exercises but a lot of people do them.

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