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Has anyone tried......



Definetly. A few years back, I started doing push-ups, every day, for months. After a long period, the routine was changed to a day on and a day off, and BAM, all of a sudden I could do more and my muscles looked better. If I’m not mistaken, day on/off is the recommend frequency for push-ups. Correct me on this if I’m wrong. The problem, for me, of doing two days in a row, is that my penis just doesn’t look or feel that good the day after. If you felt muscle pain in your arm, would you exercize it ? Two rest days definetly heals it better.


Days on and Off

I have started a new regimen of 20 minutes per day of stretching which is preceeded by a hot shower to warm my penis up. What I want to know is should I be skipping a day or two during the week with this type of exercise. I am holding off on jelqing right now and just exercising for length. Therefore I am curious of the same day off procedure is recommended. Please enlighten me so I can get the most for my time.

Thank you for your help.


Thanks Thunder. I noticed last night you were on that very quickly. Sign of a well moderated and cared for board!



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Back to the topic.

I, personally, had better results when incorporating more rest days between workouts. UC, I don’t know the recommended rest period when only the stretching is performed. You might wanna do a little experiment yourself and see what works best.

But I would go by 2 on / 2 off nevertheless. When you stretch you create micro-tears in you ligaments, so I can imagine a reasonable rest period might work better.

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Uncut4Big / Mike


Hey, I still need to know….on the 2 days that you do exercise, how long or how hard of a workout should you use? Would a 30 minute intense jelq/squeeze session be sufficient or would I need More? Thnaks


I think you’ll do great if you do 2 on, one off with the manual stretching. Jelqing is much more intense on the whole penis while manuals focus on the ligs which “quote” do better when stretched consistently.

Thank you for your advice.

I stretched this am after my shower. 20 minutes of 15 second pulls. Each and every direction. It stretched out to 7” flaccid during the stretch session which was excellent for me. I was very

happy. I am going to stickwith stretching. How do you keep from getting semi erect during the

stretching. That seems to be my only problem right now. Please join me on the jelqers chat

room to help me understand that. Thank you.


I do a 20 - 30 mins high-intensity workout. That;s enough for me. Others might need less or more time. You need to find out for yourself by experimenting with different exercises.

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Uncut4Big / Mike


During your 20-30 minute routine, what do you usually do?


I think you can still do effective manuals with a partial. To me it even helps out because you can sorta jelq some blood into the head, and then grasp right behind the head to get a good grip. It’s like saying is it easier to hold a 20lb weight attached to a rope by

a. holding just the rope or
b. having a wooden ball on the end that touched the hand

semi erect uc61la

I have the same problem with getting hard during a workout, whatever the type of exercise…

the only solutions I have come up with are these; you can either do a workout after sex or masturbation or whatever (ejaculation) which might help stop you getting hard. I personally wouldn’t recommend it though because of my zero ejac policy on workout days (closing argument on this for me was the testosterone article link posted by thunder)

An alternative is this, when you start getting hard, do a strong pc and grab at the base like a tornique, so the whole thing is inflated, then just do a squeeze just below the head with the other hand. This will quickly kill a hardon at least for a little while…

once it’s only slightly enlarged instead of stiff you can grab under the head and stretch out which will diminish the erection further.

Also try and learn to keep the PC muscle completely relaxed unless you want it to contract.

sometimes when Im recieving beyond a certain threshhold of stimulation, I can’t help but keep the PC contracted, it’s like a reflex reaction or something.. anyone else experience/know anything about this?

Know I’ve pretty much stated the obvious here but hope it helped nonetheless


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