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Has anyone p.e 'd in the car


Has anyone p.e 'd in the car

Kinda sick I know, but I had a longish drive for an hour or so in the dark, + I have tints so noone can see in.

Anyway, I found I could jelq, stretch, wrap it around my thumb knuckle, erect bends etc.

It passed the hour nicely and I did something useful.

Would be kinda weird to get into an accident and your caught with your pecker out though.

I’ve done stretching in my commute. Only once or twice, didn’t feel real comfortable doing it.

There's a snake in my boot!

Never PEed in the car but got plenty of road head.

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I always do kegels during my daily commute in the car. Easy to do, and you can keep your hands on the steering wheel.

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I’ve sat on my dick while driving down the road. I haven’t done that in quite a while now due to the awkwardness, and inabilty to check on my dick.

The following kind of details my hanging routine tht I do in my car. Kind of nuts I know but that is the best time I have available and it often seems we have to be resourceful to be successful!

First off, driving and hanging is definately not the safest combination but it is the best option I have to work with to get the needed time in. By doing this I can hang about every 20 minutes off and on throughout the working day. A person quickly learns to have very active eyes and mind for safety sake (extra defensive driving). Also, you learn to use your knees to drive while you attach wrapping and hanger, etc. You also get used to wrapping and doing all of this without taking your eyes off of the road while you ride, doing it all by feel, believe it ir not.

The set up is pretty easy. I use the same hanging set up anyone else probably uses with the exception that I hang over the shoulder (OTS) and hang the weights over the top of the headrest so they hang behind me where the back seat passenger’s knees would normally be. I drive a Nissan Exterra and it has a head rest that is squared off at the top which provides a nice resting spot for the rope.

The way it rests on the top of the headrest is what is more different: I use a rope that does not stretch, which is important and I run it through a PVC fitting that is shaped like a “C”, only it is not a complete half circle. It is more of 1/3 of a circle. This allows the rope to feed freely across the top of the headrest while also protecting the head rest from getting marred.

I have gotten used to picking up the weights on the rope, which I keep in the right hand passengers floor board, while reaching my arm over my head while setting this up on top of the head rest. I then attach the “S” hook of my Bib (used to be a Captains Wench) to the rope after I pull the rope down to the correct level to attach it. It has helped to have a larger, round ring on the end of the rope. This has helped when I have had to do this by feel without looking, which is most of the time. It also helps that this ring is larger than the PVC fitting so it will not fall through the fitting in the event that you drop the whole thing while you are trying to hook yourself up, and this has happened when I was using a ring that was too small! I have tried to think outside of the box when it comes to hanging angles. I have tied some loops at chosen points along the rope that I can hang my weights over the front of the seat, to the side, etc. I have always trid to be safe and careful while driving and doing this!

For heat, I bought a DC/AC power converter from Circuit City that I use for this and other things like printers and laptop, etc. I carry all of this in a small soft-sided attache kind of thing. The lid folds over and latches in the front. It has two compartments, one that I use for the heating pad and the Bib hanger and the other compartment I use for the weights and rope set-up.

As far as the cars around me, they usually can not tell what I am doing because I try to be very descreet. After all, they are hopefully trying to drive carefully with eyes facing ahead as well! It has helped me to drive in the right lane since cars passing me on the left can not see in as easliy as they can if they looked in the right window. I can also block curious people in the passenger seat of cars passing on the left by just placing my elbow up by the window and placing my hand on my chin, etc. Also, big rigs can see all, so I try to have a towel, magazine, or road map within reach to lay accross my lap to make everything look cool. I use these techinques of descreetness in rush hour Atlanta traffic right through the gut of the city on I-75/85 in stop and go traffic and it works well. No one has been able to tell yet after over a year now.

Now… I haven’t done any serious jelking after a set or anything, just very light for a fleeing moment just to get the circulation back. The closest I have come to being discovered was when I was attaching my hanger a couple of months ago or so in front of a local university and got rear-ended by a 20 year old sorrority girl who was not watching what she was doing. I was looking ahead and she was not! Go figure! My coordination and driving was fine, but you can not control others driving! As a side note, I think I set a new record in taking off my Bib hanger when I saw her coming towards my car with her insurance info in hand!

This might sounds crazy, and it really is but it is what I have found to be my answer to hanging throughout the day while still being a very productive sales person and having good home time with the family.

- Poke

Poke, please practice getting your whole rigge off fast, just in case you get pulled over.

kegals and ADS are very easy to do in the car. I did take my BIB and stuff out to the car one time but came to my seances before hitting the interstate and took it all off.

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Kegels are the safest form of PE’ing when you drive….everything else is merely a distraction

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When I’m driving I do kegels mostly, and sometimes stretches (when the opportunity allows me). I too have a long commute to and from school.

Hanging while driving? This is a joke, right?
What happens if there is a car accident?
You know what those are (an un-planned event)

Can you image having a bag wreck and seeing the weight go flying through the windshield and then pull your dick off with it?

Actually doing some PE on the car, wheter driving or just taking a trip it’s cool.

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Originally Posted by sheneedsmore
Hanging while driving? This is a joke, right?
What happens if there is a car accident?
You know what those are (an un-planned event)

Can you image having a bag wreck and seeing the weight go flying through the windshield and then pull your dick off with it?

I think you just gave me a new nightmare to deal with. Thanks man! :D

I started manual stretching in the car the last month or 2.

When I know I am going to be in the car for a bit, and will be alone, I have set up the pump, and have also set up the pump, and worn baggy warm up pants, when I need to pump “privately”. I think it was Ahund that gave me the idea to wear baggy pants and wear the pump.

cead mile failte :lep:

Here I thought I was the only freak. But then again I’m at Thunders :D

I stretch and Kegel to pass the time during my long commute.


I thought this was a joke but obviously not, dude don’t do that PLEASE, the down side if discovered or in case of an accident is to much to consider

At least tint your windows !


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