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Has anyone gained length from jelqing without having positive PIs? Advice needed!


Has anyone gained length from jelqing without having positive PIs? Advice needed!

I am getting frustrated. I’ve been PEing for two months, and my PE sessions, no matter what I do, always end in the same result. The well hung look disappears after a few minutes, and my penis looks the same as if I didn’t PE at all. Since I don’t get aroused while jelqing (of course, the blood fills my penis and it becomes engorged, but as we know, that’s not an erection), today I tried speed jelqing - very fast strokes, about two strokes per second. Since I am a grower and obviously need more stress on my dick to achieve plastic deformation, I hoped to get better results with this jelqing method. It was again the same. I jelqed for some 25 minutes altogether (with three pauses of five minutes each - speed jelqing is very difficult for my hands). Anyway, minutes after this PE session, my penis retracted to it’s original size. Is there any point, at all, that I continue to jelq? It seems like a total waste of time.

Are you looking only for flaccid gains? If not, then concentrate on erect gains and the flaccid will follow. You do have to have a partial erection for jelqing to work. At least 50% and up to 75% is a good range. Slow and steady strokes put pressure on the tissues for a longer period of time. One stroke should last 3 seconds. Two strokes per second is extremely fast and probably does nothing for your penis and very little for your arms.

Well, I jelqed 3 seconds per stroke for two months. This fast jelqing was something new what I tried in order to put more stress to the penis. I’m looking for erect gains, but everyone here writes how their penises remain engorged with blood for hours after the workout, and that longer flaccid hang throughout the day was identified as a positive PI. And ever since I began jelqing, two months ago, I jelqed at different speeds, experimented with different grips, etc. but the result is ALWAYS the same. A few minutes after the workout my penis shrinks and that’s it!

As for the erection level needed. I have difficulties explaining what I mean here in English, but I’ll try. From what I read here at these forums, I understood that a penis can get enlarged in two ways - you can get an erection, or the penis can simply get engorged with blood by jelqing or whatever. Engorged penis is much larger then the regular flaccid hang, but the penis is still soft, there is no erection. I hope that you understand what I mean here. Anyway, this condition, penis engorged with blood, but not erect, is what I’ve been using in the last month. Prior to that I jelqed with partial erection, but the effect was the same. I HAD NO POSITIVE PIs, AND I DON’T HAVE ANY POSITIVE PIs NOW. My question is - has anyone here gained length without having any positive PIs, or am I just wasting my time here? It seems to me that my penis is unable to grow from jelqing. I need an advice about that.

I´ve gained 1.3” BPEL in 2 months and not always have the “well hung look” for so long time. It depends on several factors, like temperature, my mood for sex, how hard and long my PE session has been, etc. Sometimes I hang better while on my off days, so this cannot be considered as a 100% accurate system to forecast your growth.

Maybe you are overtraining, Remember, we the newbies should train very light. When in doubt, do less, never more. What´s your routine? Perhaps you could post it, so the vets can give you their advice.

Keep on dude!

No, overtraining is definitely not my problem.

My routine roughly looks like this:

5 min hot wrap

10 min stretches in different directions

10-20 min jelq (depending on how I feel that day)

Schedule: two days on, one off. It doesn’t seem like overtraining to me…

Guys, I really need some help here. I’m sure that some of you have had experiences that might help me with this.

Hey Nemanja,

I haven’t been around as long as you, but it seems to me if you want length you should be stretching much more than you are right now. And 2 on/1 off may not be enough either. I stretch everyday for at least 20 minutes. Maybe that might be something to try. Of course unless you don’t like stretching. In that case maybe hanging.


I joined the forum in August, but I started PEing on January 1. Basicly, I am asking about jelqing here. As I wrote, the well hung post jelqing look disappears after a few minutes, and my penis looks the same as if I didn’t PE at all. And since everyone here writes how their penises remain engorged with blood for hours after the workout, I am wondering if there is any point that I continue to jelq. That is my primary question on this thread.

I have never had this “well hung post jelqing look” for more than maybe a half hour at the most, and I have been doing this for three years. Don’t sweat it, keep going, your gains will come.

There's a snake in my boot!

From the little experience I’ve gained in 5 months, I agree with RTG that the 2 on-1 off may be insufficient. For me, I only get gains from something like a 5-6 days on, and 1-2 days off schedule. I get the impression that things begin to happen in the the last 5-10 minutes of a 20 min jelqing session. In particular it begins to “loosen up” real good in the last few days of the weekly schedule, allowing for gains to happen. The massive look afterwards confirm what I feel, although it doesn’t last very long. Flaccid impression is not an objective of mine anyway. What is optimum will vary of course but it is well worth experimenting with on/off days to get a feel of how you react to the training.

Are you or can you get wood as easily as ever? I think this is the best indicator of overwork other than the very
obvious signs like a lot of soreness. I think a person can read too much into this PI thing, I think you will know if
you are doing too much. However it sounds to me like you may need more… more grip, more total jelq time, more
days on, and maybe even a more higher erection level.

I would recommend checking your technique aginst the video in the video section here, then increasing your
weekly frequency, followed by increasing your time everyday, until you see some results, then stop at that level.
Most importantly, keep a chart of BPEL, BPFSL and EG.

When I first started, I obtained good results from jelqing for 30 minutes at ~50%+ erection for at least six out of
seven days if not everyday. I used a pretty tight grip also. My speed was faster than most, probably less than two
seconds each stroke. It took several weeks to see real gains at first.

Don’t get discouraged, some guys don’t see gains right away. Try different routines, but stick with each one at
least three weeks or more before changing. If you see gains on a particular routine, you may be tempted to
change to a different routine to see if you can increase your gains, but thats a trap! If you are gaining anything,
change nothing!

Hope you find something useful in that, good luck!


Two months is a short time to see results in PE. You must be patient and persistent.

The results will come. Don’t be impressed with some quick gains claimed by newbies. Different persons have different gains. There are no other best natural way to increase penis size than PE and you are in the best place do learn about it: here, in Thunder’s.

Work, be patient and trust.Good luck and greetings from Brasil.


Originally Posted by Nemanja

And since everyone here writes how their penises remain engorged with blood for hours after the workout, I am wondering if there is any point that I continue to jelq. That is my primary question on this thread.

Read my routine thread and you will see I made great gains (over 2 inches in a year) without ever remaining “engorged for hours.”

I think this whole PI thing is way over rated and you guys are reading far to much into it.

PE to me is rather simple.

Stretch/jelq/hang/whatever such that you have either length or girth expansion greater than normal. Do so often and you penis will stretch out and be larger.

Thats obviously a very simplistic view, but it worked bloody good for me.

Dear nemanja.

This is your king here. Take my advice, don’t worry about flacid length, is your erect penis responding to your program?


What about your jelquing technique? I find it not so easy to get the right grip to get the feeling of swelling passing along the shaft. Try overhand / underhand grip, and shift between pressing around the shaft and mainly on the sides etc. To me there is a huge difference in how that effects the engorgement feeling. But it doesn’t last for me either.

I don’t see how speed jelquing would do the trick - I don’t think it would be possible to get good technique at two strokes per second.


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