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Has anyone gained length from jelqing without having positive PIs? Advice needed!


Guys, thank you very much for your help and some good advices.

Andrew, I read some of your posts, and actually I got the idea for speed jelqing from you!

SmilingBob, I have downloaded the videos for some exercises, jelq included, but something doesn’t feel right to me in the jelq video. The guy’s penis there is practically 100% erect! Anyway, I’m pretty sure that my technique is fine.

My primary question was about the PIs. So, you’re saying that they aren’t necessary. Good. That’s what I wanted to know.

Well, they are necessary, but having an engorged penis for hours after a jelq session isn’t necessarily a standard PI. I think it is more like 15-30 minutes is the norm. The thing about PIs is that they won’t be exactly the same for everyone. Someone may have a PI of an engorged penis for an hour, someone else may only have it for 10 minutes. But if they are both seeing gains then both of those scenarios would be considered positive PIs. I thnik Sparkx’s thing was that we need to notice the condition our member is in when we are making gains. Those are our PIs.

Personally I have an engorged look for about 15 minutes, but my flaccid hang is on the larger end of the scale for at least a couple hours. It’s not engorged or overly big, just on the larger end of the usual size. Don’t sweat it too much Nemanja. As long as you aren’t turtling, or in pain you are fine. Results will come. Give them time.


Maybe this will sound funny to you, but I can’t even say exactly whether my penis is turtling after the workout or not. The thing is - my penis is very elastic and changes flaccid size constantly. Every time I take my pants off I don’t know what I’ll find in there. Actually… when I think about it now, I think that I am turtling somewhat after the workout - for a few hours. And I don’t know how could I be overworking when I don’t jelq for more then 15 minutes and I’ve already been two months in PE! Confusing, isn’t it?

If this whole PI thing works for you guys, great! More power to you.

I never worried about any of it personally.

They only time I worried about turtling was while hanging (so I traction wrapped), but I turtled just as much (if not more) while jelqing and my gains were vastly superior while jelqing.

As far as I am concerned, there is only one PI that counts…pain. No pain, then everything is sweet :D


I’ve always had issues with post work effects not lasting the way I wanted them too (retraction or loss of pumped look), but then I started to ask myself if I was doing the basics correctly. I think that there is a difference between an engorged penis and an erect penis. Both are almost the same length/girth wise however an erect penis is stiff whereas the engorged penis is soft but both are full of flood. While I jelqed at 70% (erect), I would get a great pump during jelqing but terrible retraction afterwards and this way I never gained much. Alternatively, I tried 70% engorged and got hell of a pump that would stay for hours and hours after the workout. What I would do is get 100% fully erect and then let the erection subside until my dick was still very full of blood but not stiff at all. I mean it would be almost erect size without the stiffness. My test to ensure that my dick was full of blood and not stiff was to kegel at this point. By kegeling, if my penis we’re to “stand up” quickly then I was too stiff and would wait a bit more.however if I kegel led and it would not “stand up” or the “stand up” would be very minimal then I was ready to jelq. Try this and hope it helps.GOOD LUCK

Ozzy, thanks for the advice, but it doesn’t help. You see, I have no problem engorging my penis with blood without getting an erection. When I jelq, I start completely flaccid, and within 2 minutes my dick gets engorged with blood. Then I jelq, I don’t get an erection (because jelqing doesn’t excite me), but the result is always the same. End of session - big dick. Five minutes later - a 2 inch pathetic flaccid unit. Always the same…

Just curious everyone: When you jelq, exactly how much pressure to you exert on your unit? I’ve tried all different kinds varying from slight to very hard/almost painful. I’ve also varied the duration of each stroke anywhere from 1 to 3 seconds. I find that 1.5 or so seems most effective and I use the hardest stroke grip that I can take without pain. There is mild discomfort toward the end of my session and I can feel tiny little pops in my unit toward the end of each stroke at times. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I have not seen injury.

Yes. In a month of pe I have gained .25” EL and my dick always leaves the engorged state within 5-10 minutes


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