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Has anyone ever found your hanger?

Has anyone ever found your hanger?

I don’t have the hands-on skills to hand craft a hanger, yet I don’t want to splurge on the BIB hangers because I’m afraid someone would find out what was in the package when it arrives or someone would find it when going throw my stuff when I kick the bucket (paranoid - just a little.) Should I get the BIB hanger for starters?

For all those professional PEers out there (you know, the ones who spend like an hour a day PEing and who spend at least 10 hours a week on this site)

I really wish I had your committment to PEing, but I don’t, I’ve tried but I just don’t. I am marginally committed, meaning PEing at least 4 days a week some good sessions, some ‘why did I even bother tonight’ sessions.

I’m on it, I’m off it, I’m on it again, and back off again (take a look I’ve been around since April 2003.) How can I stay committed?

I understand there are a million different variables in this experiment of PEing, but generally speaking, at 6.5 NBP, is 8 inches reachable for me?

6.5in NBPEL X 5in EG goal: Stay committed to PE..................oh and 7 x 6 "I'm Ron Burgundy?"

All I can advise you is if you want to start hanging is buy a good hanger and have the time because if you don’t have the time hanging requires it’s a waste of money. Hanging is the easiest way to get gains but it takes knowledge of what’s going on and time.

Let’s say I do purchase the BIB starter, how much time are we talking about? I definetely don’t mind researching. Most of the posts here are truly informative, so that’s not a problem.

What kind of package does the BIB hanger come in the mail?

And has anyone ever had their hanger found by someone? I’m kind of curious as to how some people might have handled such an awkward situation.

6.5in NBPEL X 5in EG goal: Stay committed to PE..................oh and 7 x 6 "I'm Ron Burgundy?"

My wench sits on my desk at home.

I have had a couple of people ask what it is, and I merely replied that “They didn’t really want to know”.

There are a lot of things to feel shameful about, and improving yourself isn’t one of them. This society is focused on making men feel like shit if they don’t have a 1,000,000 inch cock.

pahncrd, I only wish i had your outlook on this private method of self-improvement. It doesn’t bother me that society makes me feel the way i do, I’d like to think of myself as a upstanding member of a great society that enjoys so much compared to those less fortunate. And I’m not critizing the non-conformists out there, I’m merely saying I’m a very private person. Merely posting here is a big step for me (as you can see, I’ve only posted 20 some odd times over the course of nearly 3 years as a member) If I were to purchase a hanger I would want NO ONE to find out. Is this being insecure, yeah I guess, but isn’t that why I’m here in the first place? So i guess the fact that there’s only been 1 reply to someone finding there hanger should be encouraging to me. It’s after xmas shouldn’t there be a half off sale or something?

6.5in NBPEL X 5in EG goal: Stay committed to PE..................oh and 7 x 6 "I'm Ron Burgundy?"

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