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has anyone else noticed this?

has anyone else noticed this?

Well i’ve been PEing for about 6 weeks and have added 1/4 inch to my erection. My problem is that on the days I kegal i realize that i have to use the bathroom 5 or 6 more times a day then on the days i don’t kegal. Atfirst i though this might have just been a coincidence maybe i was just drinking more water on those days. But that was not the problem. I was just wondering if anyone else has this problem or knows how to solve this problem.

That's a first.

I don’t think I aver heard that one before. Maybe some more information? Are any other habits different? Environment? I think certain PE supplements (if your taking them) may actually cause this. Caffeine will, too. I definately piss less often in the warmer months at work do to the extreme humidity and sweating which in turn makes winter urination seem more frequent. I don’t think my situation had anything to do with PE, but it does illustrate the difference in seasonal habits. Frequent urination is often cited as a symptom of prostrate trouble, but I think you might be aware if you had something along these lines. Are these kegel routines quite rigorous for you? Really going out on a limb here, but I work-out and have often realized that aside from drinking more water, the protien sysnthesis process uses a shitload of H2O in the body. I don’t know whether that makes one piss more (getting rid of metabolic byproducts) or it is really an effect on the whole system from physical activity. Long kegel routines could (a long shot here?) possibly mimic this effect on the CNS, SNS, but I don’t really know. I have broken a sweat on long kegel routines in the past so I wonder on how much effect this seemingly simple exercise has on other body systems. Is the urination inconvenient or urgent? If not, I wouldn’t make to much of it and it may very well “even-out” in the future if you continue this exercise. Maybe you were in fact pissing less than average times per day prior and the moderate physical exertion brought you up to normal or average? Admittedly, I don’t know shit on this and likely am not qualified to assess, but if you care to throw out as much info as you feel comfortable with go for it. Perhaps I and others can help you come to some conclusion on this one as to the “whys”. groa

There is a type of prostatitis that is thought to be caused by Kegeling strenuously, hence (for one reason) the dictum: work up to these gradually. The PC muscle is has an intimate relationship with the prostate. When you ejaculate, it’s partly the PC muscle propelling prostatic fluid; feel that next time you ejaculate. Some of that pumping sensation is coming from the work of the PC. Overdo your PC and you can get into painful orgasms and possibly prostate problems, not necessarily at the same time.

Good idea if you continue to have these need to pee-often symtoms to have a doctor check your your prostate and maybe your prostatic fluid. Simple test and it can determine if there is a bacterial problem or something else. In any case, if you are doing major Kegel work, ease up on your program and try getting there more gradually.



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