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Has anyone broke their tray on their Penimaster

Has anyone broke their tray on their Penimaster

Has anyone broke the support tray that the penis lays across and gets strapped onto it on their Penimaster recently or ever? How was customer service? Does anyone have pictures of a broken one?

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I broke mine a while ago. I didn’t even have to return mine: I just emailed them a picture of my cracked support and they sent me a replacement in a week. They also sent me two straps, all for free!

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Only one on this whole damn board, I know they don’t hold up that good! Any others out there.

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Hi n2g,

I also broke my at the beginning, they replaced it without sending the broken one back… Very fast and without any claiming procedures. Anyway, I’m living in Europe and this is a Germany based company, so it could take more time to send the replacement parts outside the EU.

I suggest you for the next time you “strap” the rubber belt, don’t hold the supporting piece by its ends, this will lead to a breakage again…

You should only apply force in the middle of the supporting piece.


It’s reassuring to know their service is good, as I noticed a few cracks on both pivots(?) that weren’t there before. I’ll email MSP and report on how it goes.


Try applying a spot of saliva on the ridges of the belt which goes through the slot to fasten the penis. The belt will slide in much more easily without having to put pressure, and because there isn’t much liquid in the drop of saliva it will hold the strap . Using a lot of water will reduce the friction so much the strap can slip out.

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I emailed the company about a week ago with a picture of a cracked pivot point on the base. They are shipping me a new one for free and didn’t even require a receipt. They have incredible service! :)

After two weeks of use I broke one rubber strap. Now the base holding in the metal rod broke. I bought mine from and the warranty instructions say I need to request the dealer for a replacement.

The base of mine broke where one of the support arms attaches. After sending them a picture and a scan of the invoice, they sent me a new one in about 10 days. They included a parts price list and a note saying that there would be no more free parts after the one they sent. My original order included 2 trays and 3 or 4 straps.

I emailed them five days ago asking for their replacement procedures and attached a picture of my broken PeniMaster. They have not responded yet. Do they just mail out a new one, or should they have responded to my email by now? The address I used was Thank you.

Be patient, they are VERY good with their customer service. You should be getting an email from them soon and probably a replacement pretty quickly too.

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Unless, of course, your email was filtered.

My replacement base arrived today along with some extra rubber straps. If they sent a reply to my email it must have been lost in transit or trapped by a spam filter.

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