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Has anyone actually fixed a curve??

Originally Posted by groa
Aesop, that’s exactly what I’m speaking of when I mentioned “anomaly”, it’s almost as if that side/chamber didn’t develop properly. I know it may sound silly, but I keep thinking of the type of underwear I wore earlier in life. I’m a boxer dude now for years, but when I went through puberty, it was breifs. Seem to recall (albeit vaguely) always having a comfort side to the cock position. The dick rarely ever scrunches in telescopically like a radio antenna in tight cloths, it usually finds a side to bend toward. Over long years, who knows the effect?

Wonder if that position hampers the development in one of the chambers? Kinda like a deformity from being kinked or crunched for so many years. Makes me wonder if the curved cock is a modern society thing, would more traditional societies where underwear is not present actually exhibit the same frequency or curve?

Oh heck, they probably have loincloth induced curvature or something. So much for a control group.

groa, you sound like exactly what i have. so just jelqing normaly helped? i have not even started jelqing in fear of making it worse.

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Well, it seemed to be the cause of the reduction along with focusing some of the manual stretching/fulcrum stretching to that area. By “focusing” I mean that I would grip near the head with my right hand, hook my thumb around the right side of my penis opposite where the anomaly was (it’s on the left side), and pull to the right.

I always started straight-out and pulled the stretch to the side. Always warmed-up with a hot wrap as well. There has been some interesting ideas thrown about with regard to objects to stretch around instead of the fingers. A round dowel or similar, a plastic bottle filled with warm water (for comfort), but I haven’t tried these enough to really say if they work well and are feasible.

I see your point about jelqing exacerbating the situation, it’s mighty fuckin’ hard to really control the jelq effects when using the OK grip/hand technique. Appears to really engorge the CS and the non-deformed side of the penis a great deal compared to the side one wishes to focus on. Pure speculation, but whatever caused the anomaly may have to do with vascularity and blood flow, not to mention the tunica and possible limiting factors related to it in that area of focus.

I actually tried a homemade Power Jelq type device, but it failed miserably for the curve jelqing idea. Just not enough control to work correctly and the pecker kept flippin’ out and making me nervous about the potential for injury. Although the whole event looked odd and humorous from above, I don’t recommend you go there, ain’t worth it.

I’m really leaning toward the idea of manual stretching BEFORE any jelq routine is engaged in at all to see if the curve can be modified before engorgement exercises, largely because it’s difficult to separate what effect one or the other had on the curve. Honestly, jelqing might have slowed whatever progress I made in modifying it and it could have been the manual stretching that had the greater effect. Also possible that jelqing may make stretching more effective if done in conjunction, just to throw a wrench in the equation.

Most parsimonious conclusion I can come to would be to get into a manual stretch routine gradually and carry it out for a month or two before delving in any jelq or other exercises. See if it has any noticeable effect on the curvature, THEN add jelqing into the equation. Serves to separate the elements, show the effectiveness or lack thereof, or synergy both. Also gives the opportunity to due PC flexes and and build a strong PC/BC function before doing actual enlargement exercise. Two months preparation of stretching and PC work is not a bad foundation to spring form.

For whatever it’s worth, I’ve been taking 800-1200 IU of vitamin E for 10 years, maybe more. I still have the same slight curve to the left that I’ve had since I was a kid. The curve is nothing major. I think most of it is because of a shorter lig on the left. (I can feel more tightness when I stretch to the right than to the left.) Some of the curve is in the shaft itself, though, probably less than 5 degrees, but it’s definately there if I’m not 95% erect or more. I’ve always concluded it was because of wearing briefs & tucking to the left.

Anyway, take this as an unblinded, non-controlled, clinical trial with a study population of 1. Negative results. :)

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I too have the same problem, mine curves to the left - I’d say quite severly - and it causes me great concern. It’s not Peyrones Disease, which I think is the only condition Vitamin E might help for. I think the left side was just underdeveloped during puberty or something.

As for causes, I tend to blame the briefs I wore during puberty. My left testicle also hangs a bit lower than the right, so it could be that my penis was squeezed down to the left side by that. Then again, it could also have been by masturbation, I’ve done my fair share of that as well, I really don’t know for sure…

I’d be very interested to hear if any more people have had any success in correcting a curvature, and which routines they used to achieve it. There might be different approaches and results depending on whether it’s caused by Peyrones or underdevelopment of one side?

The Vitamin E thing fixes the more drastic curves, like when your dick looks like a boomerang. If you have a slight curve then it’s not even worth mentioning. Why does it matter? Doesn’t do anything for the women and you probably noticed it only due to staring at your tool way too intensely.:D

I had a slight curve that’s even more slight.

I found that hanging SD with my hanger (Bib) resting against the chair to make it straight worked best. That way the left CC was taking the most stress, until it lengthened and it was more even.

Pumping with a narrow diameter tube is supposed to be good too.

well, if anyone has seen my pics, then your curves probably aren’t a big deal :) but I have done alot of research on this and the Vitamin E thing is more attributed to fixing ones curve due to peyronies then anything. The idea behind Vitamin E is that it will “soften” up the plaque buildup /scar tissue and hence the curve in the penis. Thats the “idea”, but there is no concrete evidence that Vitamin E actually cures ones peyronies. I myself have thought about trying this myself, but from the research I have done, it is not a matter of weeks, but more like a matter of 5 -6 months to see improvements, if there are any.

I have mostly just been doing the erect bends (very carefully), jelqing against the curve, and doing some V-stretches and stuff in the opposite direction of my erection (uh didn’t mean to rhyme:) ).

bump this topic up, discusstion of curves never last long enough on sites like this. :)

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it's all from birth

HEllo all,

I’m amazed that you don’t know more about your penis than what is described here on aht you think causes the curve.

The thing is that we sometimes are born with the same not exact two sides in the penis as it is with the rest of the body. You know only a few precentage of the population are completely the same on both the left and right side of the body.

So the same as women can have two different long inner labia we can be born with 2 different long CC’s. By the way the CC’s of the penis is what would have been the inner labia if you would have been born as a girl…

Så I think the only way to correct a bend is to find some good way of focusing all the lenthening exercices on that one weeker developed CC. And also eat 2 times 400 E-vitamin tabs a day as well as rubbing the penis with some good MSM cream…

This is what I’m going to start doing, and the best way I’ve found so far to focus stretching on the shorter CC is by pumping in a tube that’s just a tiny little bit smaller than your erect girth.

I’ll post back here in half a year or so and tell you how I’m doing…

I have not yet found a godd MSM cream. ANyone else who knows where it can be bought thanks…

Big bent going bigger straighter

I know, you are probably right, it’s not uncommon for girls for example to have one breast a bit smaller than the other, like my left foot is slightly longer than my right. It’s just that, it’s easy to get into thinking about why did this happen to me. I guess the curve is just as much a psychological issue. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter what caused it, I’m more interested in how to correct it - if it’s possible at all.

I haven’t gotten too serious into it yet, but right now I’m trying to do some manual stretching in the opposite direction as often as i can. I’m also experimenting with straightening it out while semi-erect, then getting as hard as I can while keeping it straight, sort of stretching it from the inside, but I don’t know whether it helps…

There is always the possibillity of correcting it by surgery, but I heard they do it by shortening the opposite side and since my dick is barely average, this isn’t really what I want. Also, there is always risk involved in surgery.

And this vitamin E thing, does it really help if you haven’t got Peyrone’s? Does anyone know?

OK, I pumped for the first time last night (check my thread in the Pumpers forum if you want a recap) and there was some effect on my curve. I go slightly to the left, maybe 25-30 degrees or so and it doesn’t start curving until about 1/3 of the way up the shaft. It’s not from an injury, it’s just that way, it’s as though the left side is slightly under developed and the right side is slightly over developed.

Anyway, I pumped and my dick DID straighten out some in the tube. Not all the way mind you, but it did go semi-straight due to the pressure. It only lasted while I was in the cylinder but it was quite a site to look down and see an almost perfectly straight dick. I plan on continuing my pumping so I’ll certainly keep on eye out and post back if there are any noticeable results OUTSIDE the tube.

Also, if you decide to try this, make sure you get good equipment, read the Pumpers 101 thread and follow the routine there.

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yeah just take some pills, I’m sure everything in life will straighten out.

Pumping made my curve worse, maybe i used too much pressure. Jelqing and stretches helped

Originally Posted by Typhoon4
Most of the time a daily 800iu dose(usually two 400iu capsules) of vitamin E will fix the curve in a few weeks to a month or so. I’m surprised nobody mentioned it yet.

I doubt it.

Later - ttt

I have a curve to the left that I have improved over time using a few methods. Mine is the Sam the the OP’s in that is seems like an underdeveloped left chamber rather than a curve. I have also notice that the ligs on the left seem tighter.

I have improved it by targeting the above points via stretching to loosen the left ligs and I also do an erect bend away from the curve, this I believe has been most effective but i can’t stress enough not to do it until you are 200% in sync with your penis.

My final secret is using an MSM daily gel on my penis as it softens collegen, scar tissue and is one of few lotions that can penetrate the tunica, I personally use this stuff religiously and am on the verge of believing it is a PE wonder product.

I had approximately a 30 degree leftward curvature and have been stretching and jelqing since Jan 09, with a 2 month break in Apr-May. I’ve managed to correct that curvature somewhat, to about 20 degrees and will consider the effort a success if I can get to 10 degrees or less. As a bonus, I’ve also added about 1/2” in BPEL and 1/4” in EG. I have not been particularly meticulous about following schedules. So I would say it can be done.


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