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Has anybody else noticed

Has anybody else noticed

I have noticed after doing PE for 3 weeks now that my dick stays harder after masturbation/sex for longer. My fiancée commented on it earlier, it was great! Normally after masturbation/sex my dick would become flaccid within 1 minute. Now 5 minutes later the thing is still hard (about 75-80%).

After noticing this, I seriously can see how this would help for impotence.

Hey esac,

Oh yeah, You will discover all kinds of fun stuff when you PE.

1st, you tend to get a little bit desensitized, which makes you last longer during sex.

PE (jelqing mostley) improves blood flow causing firmer erections (for me it was hard to the point of “good” pain) and more blood flow in the flasid state……..sometimes I had trouble loosing my erections after sex.

It’s great!!


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I’ve noticed this too. And it’s not just a “fattened” up feel like when I’m semi-aroused or need to piss…it’s a genuine hardened semi-wood. In my case I’m easily swinging over 6” nbpel for about ten minutes post-orgasm (50-60% hard) and before PE I couldn’t break 5 7/8” at 100%. I love this game!
And it’s fabulous post-sex because I’m content to lay around and let the wife admire……


Originally posted by CaptnHook

And it's fabulous post-sex because I'm content to lay around and let the wife admire……


Yeah actually this morning she just sat there and stroked it for 5 minutes, and was like “wow you’re still hard”. Of course I took that moment to capitalize on the “yeah you turn me on that much”, but I was definetely feeling the ego boost and the post-sex pleasure!

Yep, me too.

Pre PE I used to lose my erection after about 45 seconds, but now it seems to stay at about 80% erect for about 5 minute’s after ejaculating. And if the wife hasn’t had an orgasm, I can just carry on until she has, knowing I’m not going to lose my stiffy.


Yeah, I noticed this to,and it’s a great!First I thought..this is not right but after all what isnt right with staying longer hard!!

One of the many advantages of PE. You will discover more of these as you gain time and experience with PE. Good luck with your PE adventure…..

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