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Hard girth gainers

Hard girth gainers


I was just wondering if there is anyone out there who had had no girth gains for a long time until they tried some sort of new exercise which finally did give them some gains.

I am asking because I have tired many different things for girth and nothing has worked whatsoever. So I’m thinking maybe there is some exercise out there that I have not heard of or thought to try.

What have all you hard gainers been doing?


I had a similar problem when doing jelqs! I gained a little from jelqs over a few months, and then incorporated Uli’s and my girth growth has jump started!

I’m one hard girth gainer!!
I’ve tried Horses440 and Ulis in the last 5 months+.
No measurable gains.
I just switched to extreme Ulis with a Uli Thing.
Doing 30 minutes of those every day.
Hopefully i see gains in the next 3 months.


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I think it’s important not to over do it, I found I gained better if I do less jelqing, but I now do dry-style jelqs and find they work better, and Ulis too. I think all that is important is that after your workout you measure 1/4” or 1/2” more in girth, which shows you have stretched out the tissues well that session. I also do a few light jelqs in the shower on my rest days to keep it stretched out. Seems to be working well.

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