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Happy Birthday Pte. Damfino / US Cavalry

Happy Birthday Pte. Damfino / US Cavalry

Crikey Damfie, I’m not too well up on what all the arm stripes on military uniforms mean over there, I do know three stripes means a sergeant anywhere, but I can’t remember seeing any on your avatar at all, so I’m assuming there aren’t any and that would make you just a plain old run of the mill private, though I prefer to think of it as a good old salt of the earth trooper and that you certainly are, Jeezus! I forgot to look at the hat :rolleyes: , I hope there aren’t any funny bits to say you’re a general, I expect not, because that’s what I am :spin2:

Anyway, I was having a look at the calendar a couple of days ago and I clapped eyes on October 2nd and lo and behold that day was Damfino’s Birthday (that’s you btw), so I immediately scribbled it down and here we are, it’s practically upon us now and by the time I get this little post finished, it could well be over, so I had better push on.

I must say it is a real pleasure to wish you a Happy Birthday especially now that you’re not Groan Man any more, I mean it wouldn’t be easy even for me, to start off with Happy Birthday Groan Man and then try to generate a bit of enthusiasm after such a depressing start, though no doubt I could pull it off regardless :mwink: , but we don’t have to worry about that now, Groan Man is history, fell at the Battle of the Big Horn I expect along with Custer and Co. good job too.

I never seem to get a good old chin wag with you these days, I’m far too busy flitting about keeping Tit out of mischief and you’re far too busy with those polls of yours, did you ever come to any conclusions in those last two polls at all, in fact were they connected in some way? I do know I came to one conclusion, if you have a 12” dick you’re hardly likely to squeeze into a thong now are you, seeing as it would hardly fit on/in, in the first place, well not without pushing the whole thing out of shape, both things in fact, if you think about it and imagine the looks you would get if the neighbours noticed your smalls on the washing line, which they most certainly would, good heavens they wouldn’t know what to think and if some pervert nicked them, these things happen you know :nodding: , why they would bring them back and then you’d never get rid of them :mad: , you’d have to burn them probably, unless you used them as a tow rope or something and then they would be well stretched out of shape and they could go in the trash, no questions asked, just thought of that btw, but that’s me for you, always thinking ahead. Personally if I had a 12” whopper I would just go commando, but there you go.

However let’s not dwell on problems now, it’s your Birthday after all and it should be a day to relax and chill out (there’s that commando thing cropping up again), btw Damfie, you never added edible undies to the options in that last poll, I noticed it straight away and I was going to mention it at the time, but something else must have cropped up obviously, now they would be the most practical thing to wear on your Birthday, sure you could just brush up any crumbs along with any other regular crumbs lying around and nip back to bed for an extra snooze.

Well time is marching on here (it’s the military in me you know), so I wish you the best of Birthdays wherever you are (on manoeuvres probably) but whatever you do, make sure it’s a day to remember.

I think Damfie’s quite shy, so I just kept it all very low key for a change :gulp:

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Erudite as ever Rou…:up:

:woot2: Happy Birthday Damfino :woot2:

"Drilla Knows Ass" - Para-Goomba

Starter Pics/Clamping Pics

Happy birthday!

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

It’s still the day before my birthday here in rainy California (first rain of the season happened today), so I’ll just chill out until tomorrow, and hang onto that smaller number for a bit longer.

By the way, my former handle “Groan_man” was not meant “in agony,” but rather “in ecstasy,” but then, no one ever picked up on that.

Kind of like moaning and groaning and that sort of carrying on. Something like jelqing to excess.

More tomorrow, on October 2nd stateside.

-damfino (still groaning whenever I get the chance)

Happy Birthday Damfino may all your shots be perfect.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!!!

Thanks for starting this birthday thread, Roussie! Actually, the source for my original avatar was a gay action hero (the name escapes me) which I have never seen, aside from the original news release on the net. Later, after the success of Brokeback Mountain, I did some photo shop modification to include Jake Gyllenhaal’s face.

Actually, Little Big Horn had nothing to do with it. Although, it being Custard’s Last Stand, he probably had more than egg on his face after that encounter. Talk about Privates on parade!

The underwear poll seems to have quieted down. The boxer briefs seems to have run away from the pack, but those pesky commandos are bringing up the rear…taking up the slack, as it were. I suppose if you had a 12” dick and went commando, it would require it’s own shoe. It might blend in better in polite society that way. This is getting more silly by the moment. Sorry about leaving edible undies off the list. Maybe I should start another poll on favorite things to eat while PEing.

Have to go now. I’m feeling a Little Big Horny myself.

Thanks for the good wishes everyone!

Happy Birthday!!!

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