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Happy Birthday Ike!

Jesus…Ike….happpy birthday to one or both of you….:D

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God

Sorry I’m a bit late Ike, but Happy Birthday for yesterday.

With all that Christmas stuff going on, I nearly missed the bloody boat :faint:

Christmas stuffing more like :gulp:

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Hope you had a great day Ike. :)

Merry belated :hb: Ike.

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Happy birthday to you!! :dance:

A very happy belated, Ike!

Sorry I missed it.

Happy Birthday Ike - And,

All the Best for a Prosperous New Year :)


My sister and now my daughter have birthdays a few days off of Christmas. I thought they have it bad until I saw your birth date. I would imagine it’s hard to get friends together when you were younger to celebrate your B-day. Hey Ike, if it makes you feel any better, you are more important than Jesus in my book. :) Happy Birthday.

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

Thanks, y’all. I’m the type who blushes easy and gets embarrassed when people talk about me, so I hope you’ve had a slice of cake and the beverage of your choice and otherwise are having a good holiday.

Also, yesterday was my four-year anniversary here. Thanks to Thunder and every one who contributes here for the gains and the conversation.
And Slack, I’ll think about it some more, but what’s the Kyle reference? Oh wait, now I get it:

Within his family, Kyle seems to have the strongest relationship with his brother Ike. Ike follows Kyle around and generally imitates his older brother whenever possible. For his part—and despite actions such as playing “kick the baby” (which features Kyle punting Ike like a football, usually through a window)—Kyle is fiercely protective of his little brother, and tries on occasion to educate Ike in the ways of the Jewish faith.

Originally Posted by Slack

Yep, thats the one :D By the way, whats that avatar a picture of?

It sort of looks like one my son’s Pokemon characters, but…it’s not. Maybe Vagisaur. Or Clitachu.

Belated happy birthday Ike.

I always thought it was of some saggy breasts over a man’s face… Was way off. Happy belated.


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