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Happy Belated Birthday gprent


Happy Belated Birthday gprent

We missed gprents birthday yesterday. Hope you had a great one.

Keep the party going an extra day Gprent. Happy Birthday!

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Psst! The link is at the bottom of the page :bigwink:

Happy Birthday my friend:)

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Happy birthday gprent.

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Happy day!

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Happy B Day gprent, late but/*&)#.sorry I missed the party!

Happy Birthday GPrent, sorry we missed your birthday but your invites did not reach us in time.Lol. All the best and I hope you had an enjoyable time.

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Happy belated B-Day, Gprent. Nice having it alongside the long weekend. ‘Hope you got the right mix of fun, gluttony and relaxation — ideally all at the same time.

Happy Birthday!!!

I don’t know you, but have a good one!

Happy birthday gprent.

I didn’t forget gprent. I partyed for you and tied one on, I just forgot to say Happy Birthday. So, belated Happy Birthday. Bia con Dios.

:hb: gprent. I’m glad somebody realized it was your birthday!

Wishing you the best for now and for always my friend.

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We’re all very late now, but better that than never!

Happy Birthday gprent! Hope you had a great time.

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