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Hanging vs. Pumping

Hanging vs. Pumping

So what do you guys think. Which accessory is better? I’ve been leaning more towards pumping, even though I haven’t tried them out, because it seems less dangerous. If any of you pump, which one do you reccommend?

I’m no expert but I would think that hanging is going to give you more gains in length while pumping will give you more gains in girth. I have read that both give gains in both areas. Any time you stress the tissue you will end up with healing and with that, gains. Just because you pump(or hang)doesn’t mean that all the healing/growth will be in the direction of the stretch that was placed on the penis. What it comes down to is your prefference. After reading the different forums that are avalible here I decided that hanging would produce more gains in lenght in the long run. This is what I decided, you need to make that decision for yourself. Read, Read, Read and then make the decision which method is best for you.

Good Luck in your quest, :_pump: or :hanger:

Here’s someone that had the same question
How many of you got gains while using pumping as a resource?

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If I had the time, I would do both. I don’t know if hanging works well unless you have hours per day for it.

I used a pump before. I would definatly go with hanging over pumping. Took a LONG time for me to gain a 1/2 an inch in length with my pump. That’s why it is at the dump somewhere.

1.25 inches down, 1.75 to go!!!!!! For 8" NBP

Originally posted by kkevinj
I used a pump before. I would definatly go with hanging over pumping. Took a LONG time for me to gain a 1/2 an inch in length with my pump. That's why it is at the dump somewhere.

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I agree with dcangerous, It ultimately is up to you. Also, I believe that length can be achieved quicker for most of us by hanging because one is able to focus on a variety of angles. I’m going to work on most of my length by hanging, then bring up my girth and the last .5” or so by pumping. I’ve got a bit of experience with pump/jelq, but I’m only jelqing at this time. As supersizeit once mentioned, it should be easier to lengthen something first, then thicken it. I believe that BIB also feels the same about working on length first, then thickening it all up!

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I had NO success with hanging and have grown a little over 1/4 inch now. Before I had been at a streak for a year without any gains. Now that I started pumping, the gains have started to come back. Slowly but surely. I guess it all depends on the person…

I have been a longtime on-again/off-again pumper, and while I *know* it has given me permanent girth gains it doesn’t appear to have impacted length in the long term at all.

Just started hanging just over a month ago, and I’m not sure if what I’m seeing is actually gain (don’t wanna get the hopes up), but there’s a 5/8” difference between when I started and a couple nights ago when last I measured…

The prevailing consensus that I seem to see reiterated, however, is that it’s likely that a combination of hanging + pumping may be a good thing, with hanging making most of the length gains and pumping cementing those gains. That’s more or less my regimen now, w/ a little manual stretching and long-term wrapping thrown in.

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Both hanging and pumping can work well. Which one is better is probably subject to infinite debate and individual genetics.

I’ve made a lot of gains in both length/girth using variations of many techniques, always incorporating pumping, but no hanging. But…

Presently, I am pumping/packing in the a.m. with my 2.5 inch diameter tube for about 1 hour every other day. In the evening when I return home from work, I slide on 4-5 golf weights (from Walmart) down to the base of my shaft and secure them below the glans with some ACE self-adhesive bandage. This gives me a multi-hour hanging stretch, which seems to be working extremely well on increasing my flaccid length.

Recently, I have also started experimenting finally with hanging heavier weights using my own hanging apparatus. I have been able to hang 12 lbs comfortably for 1-2 hours with breaks every 20 minutes. This is a completely new feeling for me, and so far I’m liking it. The only problem I’m experiencing is a time constraint, i.e. finding enough spare time to hang privately at home. I have to work on this.

In summary, I don’t believe there is a definitive answer. PE is all about personal experimentation and varying individual results. Good luck to everyone in getting the gains you want!


hey guys,I didnt notice anyway saying which pump they were using,I have been hanging and pumping for a while,while much more of a pumper at the moment,i use a “boston pump works” and also dr. joe,and also a froehle for packing and length gains,it works great plus it creates quite a show in youre pants for people to look at and wonder,while girth gains I feel come easier from pumping I think that length gains that last come from hanging,i do both.

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