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Hanging vs. Manual exercises.

Hanging vs. Manual exercises.

I am curious about hanging vs. manual exercises with regard to “veins.” I have been experiencing a lot more veins, since I started PE (manual exercises) last month, and I actually like it the way it has changed. However, I remember watching a jelqing video with a guy with the nastiest veins around, they were humongous and no girl wants to see a nasty vein penis like that. Due to this I was curious if hanging reduced veins a little bit. I guess the real question is, do you hangers have a lot more veins, to the point of looking nasty? How about you manual guys?

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I don’t think the vien are nasty at all. If anything it shows that your erection is really hard and healthy. And I would think that ladies would prefer a veiny cock. Anyway about your question about reducing the look of the veins, I would say stop doing all girthwork and if you jelq, do them at a lower erection level. I don’t know if this should reduce the veins but it should make the process slower. Hope this makes sense I’m kind of sleepy while typing this.


Your going to get more veins from PE your also going to get a big cock, so what would you rather have a big monster cock with veins or a pretty cute little cock the choice is yours.

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Hello Remek. I am strictly a manual guy. My veins are a little bit more visible the before I PEed but never to the extent that it would look bad or too much. The difference is little and not so obvious. I dont think that your veins will pop out big time when doing PE, but they will surely come out a little, which I think is a positive thing.


I really think it has to do with your vascularity before. If your a big vein shower on your arms, I think you naturally have more veininess to expose down there.

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