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Hanging V-Stretch

Hanging V-Stretch

It’s my understanding that a v-stretch is a manual stretch, w/ an applied pressure to the stretched shaft somewhere in the middle. So in my boredom I thought of weighted v-stretch’s. I used an old sock, cut a hole horizontally about 3” from the opening. I filled the sock w/ rolled up pennies, ghettoness is imminent, I then pulled my penis thru the opening. Positioned the sock about mid-shaft and began stretching standing up. I felt a lot more stretching this way, after playing around w/ the weight. Anyone else try something like this? Not sure if it’s been done before?

This is something that we discussed on the PE forums shortly after 7-UP (the guy who “invented” the V-stretch) revealed his exercise to us. No one ever really found a comfortable way to attach weight for this type of exercise I believe. Maybe no one took me seriously at the time.. I dunno. I think that 7-up found a way to do it with a Bowflex machine but I don’t remember the details.

It’s an interesting and valid idea I think and the simplicity of your sock thingy I think is genius. Let us know how it goes.



does it matter when you do the v-stretch if the “v”points down or up, like whether it stretches the bottom of the shaft or the top?

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