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Hanging or Stretching more effective?

Hanging or Stretching more effective?

This is to all the vets out there who have tried hanging and manual stretching. I’m trying to figure out what’s the best way to do this. I’m hanging right now mainly because it’s so easy and I don’t have to do a thing to my dick while I’m hanging which is why i like it so much. My hands get really tired when i manual stretch, and I really hate doing it , but DLD used A-stretches for most all of his gains. You can pull harder with your hands than with stretching, but the tension is continuous pressure applied. What do you guys think is best for length?

I still do some manual stretching, but when I did it as my main PE exercise along with jelqing, it use to wear me out. My manual PE sessions were grueling.

Hanging gives you the benefit of having a known, consistent, stress load on your unit. You can also apply more stress, more consistently, for a longer duration - which would seem key to gaining without injury.

Hanging is the closest you can get to effortless PE.

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No comparison. I achieved most of my gains manually, due to time and privacy constraints. However, I’ve been able to work hanging into my schedule, and if you have the time, privacy, equipment and knowledge, hanging is the way to go for length.

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Never tried hanging—made most of my gains stretching. I still stretch to maintain, mainly A stretches and Lazy Ass. Worked great for me.


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I don’t understand why in hanging the consensus is to hang for a many sets for a long continuous stain to get the best gains. Then you hear about people manual stretching, and gaining multiple inches, when manual stretching is obviously short bursts of force (compared to hanging).


Most guys usually turn to hanging after they have hit a plateau that they could not bust through with manual exercises.

One possibility is that for short duration, low to moderate load stretching - meaning that which we can do by stretching manually - intermittent pulling works better.

JAI stretches or DLD Blasters (the same thing) involve stretching for short periods. I’m only speculating, but this pulse approach may have benefits over longer duration static manual stretching for several reasons:

1) You pull harder. Yep. When doing “short duration” stretches you’ll pull harder than if you have to maintain that same degree of stretch for a long time.

2) Cyclical loading. I’m not sure about this, but it seems repetitive loading and unloading causes the tissues to be stressed more with subsequent applications of the same load.

Otherwise, longer-duration is the way to go, and hanging is required for that. Try using your hand to exert exactly x lbs. of downward force on your dick for an hour. You can’t. Even if you manage to do it for a day, your hand and arm will be so exhausted you won’t be able to do it the next, let alone every day.

When/if you try hanging in lieu of manual stretching, you may be quite surprised at how much more the tissues are stressed with increased time under tension. I doubt I can gain now from stretching by hand. I’m certainly not willing to work myself into a sweat trying. Hanging works.

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