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Hanging girth gains - CC or CS? Both?

Hanging girth gains - CC or CS? Both?

I have a question for all those that achieve girth gains at the base by hanging.

Is the girth gain primarily in the cc or the cs or both?

I have been gaining girth in the shaft (jelquing - 1/2 an hour a day) but i seem to be leaving the base behind a little in the girth dept. I hang normally once or twice a day averaging probably 1/2 an hour to 40 minutes a day with around 14 lbs.

When i look down on my penis it is getting obvious that the cc is a little thinner towards the base.

Any ideas? How can i get the base to catch up?

Thanks in advance,

See Ya,



Am i to assume that no-one is actually gaining girth at the base through hanging?

See Ya,


Hey Big J,

I don’t hang but I do a lot of static stretching with my jelqing and I’m gaining more girth at the base than elsewhere.

I think girth gains are a lot harder to to talk about than length gains, so even if a long time hanger answers, I would think they will find it hard to answer your cc/cs question.


This is what i was planning on trying anyway.

I’ll see if it works in a couple of weeks….

See Ya,


I have been hanging for about 3 months now, and my base girth has defintely increased. My base girth is now close to 5”, while my midshaft is about 4.8”. I think if you are looking to get base girth while hanging, or this is what I do sometimes at least, is to get a little bit aroused while you are hanging. I don’t mean try to get full wood, but what I’ll do is put on some porn or such, and right away I can feel more blood going to my dick. In my opinion, that seems to help with getting girth while hanging. Just make sure you don’t get too aroused and it starts to hurt while hanging and you have the chance to injure yourself. I’ve doing horse squeezes and stuff to try to increase the rest of my girth, but its going slow.

Big J

If you do not already, kegel and reverse kegel for five seconds each while hanging. This has helped my girth gains, I’m 5.75 at midshaft and at 6.25 at the base. BC

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