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Hanging damaged my head!

Hanging damaged my head!

Many months ago I used the bib hanger with theraband but now it damaged my glans permanently.
I have two problems on my glans.
There is a white spot on the tip of my glans covers about 1/4 of my head. There is also a white spot along the coronary ridge that came from incorrectly using the theraband. The Theraband contstricted over the glans and folded it over my foreskin. I kept it there for about 20 minutues. These spots has never disappeared. I used 10 pounds of weight. I’ve had it since the beginning of this year now. I haven’t been hanging ever since then. I believe that part of the glans lost its pigmentation from damaged blood cells.

Second problem:
I am circumsized. During that time I hung some weights there appeared very small bumps and appeard wrinkeled lines along the coronal ridge on my glans (also white spot as mentioned above). It is extrememly sensitive to touch.

I tried jelqing and doing ulis to restore it after I did these sessions but it never got back to normal. To this day I am applying heating pad everyday on my glans to see if it comes back to normal. But so far nothing.
I saw a dermatologist about these problems but the doctor said that it’s not a big problem and not to worry about it.
Despite all this I haven’t lost any sensitivity. It is not numb on my head and I can still get an erection.

Are there any permanent creams that can restore my natural foreskin color for my white spot and/or for my ragged lining on my foreskin?

Here's an idea

All over the board people talk about honey as a remedy to problems give it a shot

Hey ed,

Is this the same problem that you posted about back in mid-April? And it is getting worse?? Did you tell the doctor what you think caused the white spot??

Myself, I think I would get another doc to check it out, a urologist. Especially if you have stopped all hanging and it isn’t going away, and from your posts seems to be increasing.

Do you honestly think that one 20 minute hang session caused this, or could it have been happening gradually without you noticing it?

Has anyone else had permanent white spots caused by hanging?? Any information to help ed out??

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Hey ed!!

I’m puzzled. :confused:

It’s not that I don’t believe you but, on one hand you state “The Theraband contstricted over the glans and folded it over my foreskin”. Yet in the next paragraph you state “I am circumsized”. You’ve mentioned this before and I didn’t receive an answer then either.

Which is it? What gives?

lil1 :lep:

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Thunder this is the same problem I posted before. I am 100%positive it occured after one session. I think i will go see a urologist. The white spot hasn’t worsened. It’s just been there for all these months. The thing that leaves me emotionally drained is that through out my hanging for a couple months i haven’t gained anything. I’m not concerned on getting bigger anymore. I stopped doing that. I’m more concerned on making my penis look better which is more important.

lilbig, I am circumcized. I incorrectly used foreskin as referring to the skin on my glans. I don’t know have a clue on my biology. Sorry. As I should say, the theraband does come over the skin on my glans.

Hey ed,

Be honest with the urologist and tell him everything. Also, make dam sure that he takes the time to answer all your questions. Don’t let him give you the “nothing to worry about” brush off. Let him know from the beginning that you came to him for answers/explainations as well as a way to cure the problem.

And if you would be so kind as to post what you learn at the doc’s, it would be appreciated.

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