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Hanging and girth

Hanging and girth

I have ordered some golf weights and will start hanging soon. Will hanging produce girth and approximately how long did it take.


You will gain exactly .10 inches of girth per week.

Just kidding, everything is different for everybody.

I don’t think you will gain any girth with golf weights, I know I gained a lot of base girth with regular hanging with the bib.

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I’ve been using golf weights for a about 3 or 4 weeks now. Don’t think of them has “hanging”. Think of them as an All Day Stretch, so that your tissues don’t heal while you’re turtled up short. I don’t think you can get enough golf weights on to make it enough weight to consider it true hanging. You need a Wench or a Bib or some other hanger if you want to hang real weight (2 pounds & up).

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