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Hangin' around

Hangin' around


I’ve been PEing for a little over 2 months now and have seen some pretty good gains. I would like to focus more on length gains before I continue focusing on girth. I have a new work situation and cannot find the time to do a 30min jelq workout everyday anyways.

I was wondering if I was to start hanging, how long would I have to hang for in the first month or two? I was planning on putting the hanger and weights into a backpack and hanging in the bathroom during one of my extended breaks. I can only get about 15min of this time, is that enough? Should I try and figure out a different method of hanging or will this suffice?

My main reason for not being able to jelq while at work in the bathroom is the need for a warmup before and after the jelqing. Is there any warmup needed with hanging?

Thanks in advance

Did you check Hanging 101? Theres a sample routine there and a plan to build up weight.

Generaly people seem to use 20 minute sets.

A warm up before hanging is a good idea too, though you could use a heating pad to try and merge the hanging and the warm up.

I see no need to jelq for 30 minutes, though I appreciate a 15 min jelq routine becomes 1/2 hr with warm up and cool down.

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