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hairdryer vs hotwrap

hairdryer vs hotwrap

i tried the hairdryer method and it heats up the member very well. its a lot more convenient but am wondering if it accomplishes the same thing as a hotwrap?

No, it dries your skin out, bro. Use either a good hot shower or the hotwrap method. And the heat from the dryer doesn’t really go deep enough.

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Moist heat penetrates deeper than dry heat.

Scientific fact.

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Rice sock is the way to go. I use an electric heating pad and like it too.

These guys are correct. The hairdryer will only heat up the surface areas where as the heat wraps or hot water will penetrate deep into the dick aswel as the serface. The reason is simple. Air isn’t a very good conductor. Hot rice and and water are better at conducting heat. In other words, they both absorb and exude heat at a much higher rate than something like hot air. Allowing the heat to be transferred into the dick much better.

This is the reason why something will cook much faster if you boil it in water, rather than cook in an oven, even though the “air” temperature in the oven is 200 degrees C, and the boiling “water” is only 100 degrees C. It’s all about conduction.

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