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Hair removal product/technique

Hair removal product/technique

Hi fellows.

Might anyone be able to suggest some products or techniques that are effective for removal of shaft hair?

I know I can trim it or shave it or wax or pluck and whanot I’m just wanting to find out what the consensus here is as to which treatment looks best in the aftermath and hopefully inhibits re-growth?

Is home electrolysis a viable option? Permanent removal of this hair would be great. I seem to have a lot of it from my length gains, I guess.

Thanks in advance.

Your best bet is to pluck it with tweezers. With the other methods you can burn yourself, cause a rash, or ingrown hairs.

With regular maintenance, the plucking becomes less painful and takes less time to accomplish. As far as I know, the only permanent hair removal is done with laser treatment. Even that is not guaranteed by the clinic. They charge a lot of money and want to you to come back every few months until the hair is “permanently” gone.

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I know you don’t want to hear this, but…

Our search feature (button, top right of every page) is very good. If you type in “hair removal” you’ll get about 60 threads containing those words. Look at the titles and see if any seem interesting. You can also look at the bottom of this page. Once you submit a thread the software looks for old threads with similar themes and creates a list. You might find some of them helpful.

Originally Posted by westla90069
…If you type in “hair removal” you’ll get about 60 threads containing those words…

All within the last few days it seems! :p

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If you sit in a hot bath it really eases the pain. I speak from experience

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