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hair drier

hair drier warm-ups

Ok this sounds really dummie - this is the doupt:
Being a bit frustrated in coping with the wet mess of hot-wraps everyday I thought of the hair drier as a warm-up alternative.
(I have this hair drier of 2000 Watt that can bust some really hot air).
The question is what heat effects does the hot air have on the penis skin and the penis in overall in comparison with the hot water. H2O can be a significant conductor of temperature to the human skin because of osmosis abilities (moist is a heavy factor of various physiological functions).
I can understand that this the case of hot dry air will be different as it really has different physic values (particel mass and particel coherency,…)
Unfortunatelly I can’t make a mathematical estimation of this questions but any ideas would be interesting cause for me the possibility to evitate the hot-wrap mess would be higly appreciated.

Oh, don’t mention the heater device cause I ain’t gonna spend money for a concept like this(and I am out of the states so I don’t think it would be possible to attain one and plus I have no micro oven).
So only your opinions on the hair drier problem please.

Thank you.

do not use hot air!

do not! I repeat do not! use a hot air blower on your penis

this may cause you burns, which you don’t want!

water has a much higher thermal mass than air, meaning that it takes a lot of energy to change its temperature - > it is easier to control water heat.

air has a very low thermal mass, meaning that it gets hot very fast, and may burn you memeber!

also, using hot air will dry your skin, causing it to be bruised easily during the excersize.

if the hot water gives you bad time, use a sock filled with flax/rice (not corn!) heated up in the microwave oven.

For the first 3 months of PE I used a dryer to heat my penis. Yes, you do have to be careful. Yes, you can dry the skin. That said it did work. Now, I use the rice sock. MUCH BETTER. But I understand that you do not have a microwave so you are limited.

Here is a thought. Use a damp washcloth wrapped around your penis and heat it with the dryer. Of course you would want to start with the damp cloth already warm. This should keep you skin moist, the heat controlled and yeild the desired results.

Good luck.

Thanks. Lots of thanks.

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