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hair and how to get rid of it (one more time!)

hair and how to get rid of it (one more time!)

I just finished reading through the <a href = “/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=238&highlight=pluck” hairy </a> thread and started to wonder how those dudes who started using Magic Powder are finding it for keeping hair off the shaft/balls.
I’ve recently tried plucking, and if it works, I’m willing to do that too. A little short term pain for long term gain (if the hair stays off). However, using a little ‘magic powder’ sounds a hell of a lot more appealing than ripping hair our of my shaft :)

So, any suggestions?
I ordered Nad’s a long time ago, saw in the instructions it was NOT for the ‘groin’ area, and sent it back, never trying it. I remember feeling kind of ripped off, too, cause it didn’t say that in the commercial (mutter grumble).
Is anyone using Nad’s?

I’ve also had good experience with shaving too (Mach 3), but it is a hassle as well, and I always seem to miss some bag hairs. Also, STUBBLE! Hate it, and I think 99% of women do too.

To sum up all this into one main question, it’s this: How do you CURRENTLY keep your shaft/balls hair-free, and how long have you been doing it for?


Doh…thanks :)

This is the link I meant :)

Plucking may be your best option unless you’re looking for permanant hair removal.

Magic Powder is just another depilatory. The hair comes right back, but probably will feel less stubbly than shaving since the ends of the hair aren’t as sharp. I personally don’t like the numb feeling my skin has after using a depilatory.

Plucking has been working great for me . You don’t have to pluck it all at once just a little at a time. Mine has either been growing back thinner or not growing back at all. I started plucking because I shaved before and got the worse ingrown hair ever.

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