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Guiri's last post - again.


Guiri's last post - again.

Well guys, this is my last post for a while.

As some may know, I’m a Kiwi (a person from New Zealand) living in Spain, and I’m back to NZ in a few weeks.

I have PEed at work basically, and I have sold my business. So I no longer have access to a computer, don’t want to risk using the only cyber here in this very small town (will get strange looks hanging in a cyber I imagine) and as I never had use for a comp at home (too busy working) no possibility there.

Down under, at least for the first few months, I will have access to a comp, but no privacy for PE, and I don’t know about Thundersplace. I will try to drop in from time to time, so as not to lose touch.

Anyway, to finish, just want to say thanks to Thunder and the crew (again), and to encourage newbies to keep at it. This shit works, I’ve gained 3.5cm in a little over three years of inconsistent PE. I’ve gone from a very average 14cm (NBP) to 17.5 approx (NBP), I’m at 19.75 EBP - (thats from 5.5” NBP to 6.9” and 7.75” BP.

I hope to come back at 18cm NBP, in a few months time.

Sorry guys, I’m taking my hanger with me (actually posting it ahead).

A special thanks to Avocet for sending me that stuff, one was a few Magnum XL condoms, which made my day. I have tried them, and was surprised to find they were a great fit - not loose as I expected. Obviously they have more room to expand, but they were very comfortable (I’m a tad under 6” girth, which is the other short term goal).

Once more, thanks to everyone, as my attitude to many things has changed as a result of PE.




This is bad news.


I hope that things work out good back in NZ, and be sure to drop in as often as you can!

Good Luck

Have a good move Guiri. I hope nothing goes missing en route. Still you have a few kids, yeah? So some to spare.

Anyway watch out for the little people when you get to NZ.

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You are a good man and always a very sensible poster. You will be missed, for both aspects. When you get settled in, we’ll be wanting to hear from you.

Wave as you fly over Hawaii. I won’t see you do that but might get a psychic sense that a good PE buddy is flying through our zone.

PS: That is not a kiwi you are taking back to NZ.




This is easy. You sold your business, now go buy a computer. This is the correct path. You will be missed too much to choose any other path.

Make it so, now.

Good luck,


Yeah, buy a computer. It doesn’t have to be fancy. If money is tight pick up an older machine for cheap.

Good luck, Guiri. We’ll be looking foward to your next post!

Rough n’ ready, sir!

I’ve handled worse missions than this before, sir!
New Zealand will be a snap, just make sure my camo doesn’t make me look like a sheep, sir!

Bet you’re looking forward to some real home stlye fush n chups eh Guiri?
Have fun ;)

Wish you the best Guiri, with whatever path you take.

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

We’ll miss you here pal. Didn’t know you were NZ, I though you were spanish.

Bon voyage mon ami.


Porque?? Tu eres un buen muchacho.

Espero que tu hablas mucho mierda.

Adios Guiri.

Originally posted by Nick7
Porque?? Tu eres un buen muchacho.

Espero que tu hablas mucho mierda.

Adios Guiri.

LOL! Que sadico eres o.O



Hurry back bro, you are one of the best guys on the boards and will be missed!!


I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)


Does it means you will not be back to Spain anymore????

Man, that are bad news, ooopppss, I mean good news to you but I (We) will miss you here.

One of the best guys is going to leave :( :(

Wish you luck back to NZ, and hope you had always a good time here in Spain…


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