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Guiri on the Backburner - again.

Guiri on the Backburner - again.

Well, owing to work, I’m going to have to take another break. Fortunately this time, it means only time off the forums, and in fact I should have even more time to PE. I will be checking in most days to check PM’s etc, but won’t have time to read or answer (and if you see me give me a kick up the ass because I will be skiving ). I’ll be back in full force Mid-June.

Also this break has coincided with a couple of things.

First, post NÂș 1000. Damn. Now Thunder will have me volunteering for God knows what else ;) , not that the post count signifies much - after all wasn’t it a woman who said “It’s not quantity but quality that counts”. So why am I doing PE?

Secondly, I have just tried my MaXtender (which I do not use nor recommend, simply use every couple of months to gage progress) and I moved up 4 steps (that’s one and a bit holes for the informed few). Only a few steps more and I need an extension to my extender!

So I am progressing, slowly but surely, in great part thanks to thundersplace and the guys here. Motivation is an important part of my PE (hell, my life in general) and I find it here.




Good luck bro, see ya soon.


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Hey Guiri,

Congrats on the 1,000 posts. And thanks!! Sorry to hear that your forum activity is going to drop off for awhile, but you can make up for it when you get back full time. :)

You going to post your gains before your time off??

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Check in when you can, if only to find out what you’ve volunteered for while off-line.




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