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Guiri on the back burner.

Guiri on the back burner.

I have just been been allocated a hell of a lot of work (which I was expecting) so it looks like my PE time is next to nil for a few weeks (perhaps until mid-august). A pity because I was beginning to get some good time in lately. I will most likely not even be able to enter the forum very often either.

So stick with it guys, and keep the gains coming. I’m stopping on a good note because after 3-4 months of no gains, it seems I have another 1/4” under my belt - I haven’t even had a chance to re-measure over the weekend to confirm it! Those 15-20 lbs have to pay off at some stage!

Happy PEing!


Sorry to hear it

Maybe just completely cut it except for very light jelqing in the shower (circulation).

That way you can test whether laying off for the most part will give you a big bang on increase when you come back. I’d look at it as an opportunity since you can’t do anything about the work issue.

Look forward to hearing back from you later.

popping in

I will pop in from time to time, just won’t have a chance to answer many posts.

And don’t worry, it will only be a few weeks. By mid-august, all should be back to norm.


same here,

I was wondering if 100 power jelqs (using device) will cause any gains (even small ones)??????????


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