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Guinness World Record of PE

Guinness World Record of PE

I performed a search in thunders and found nothing about it, so if this thread already exists please adm delete this.

Here in Brazil there is an MD called Dr. Bayard, he is known by him surgical techniques to increase the size, like cutting the suspensory ligaments and using devices like Jes Extensor. The interesting thing is that he is claimed to perform the most gains, almost 7” of gains in 5 years. Maybe he payed an ad in the Guinness Book of Records or the claim is really true. Here is the link:…showpage&pid=13

Im not trying to spam, just showing a doctor that believes in PE.

Here is the Guinness World Records search page. Nothing there for anything “penis.” I’d say the doctor’s certificate is fake.

I got the same thing last night searching Guinness. The claim is from 04 so it is possible they came to their senses and pulled the listing. I did find a number of third hand references to the “award” but all of the urban myth variety.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I did a search on the website of this doctor (Byshortening ther url) On the main site there is a huge number of photographs and illustrations of nerves penises and everything apparently associated with penile operations. But strangely there is no photograph of the penis that has been extended to this world shattering size

I must have looked at some thirty+ photos and there were some more to come

But one (that’s me) would have expected the fact that on the opening page where there is a reference to the award. One (that’s me again) would surely expect a picture of this great achievement.

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Sorry Phyriel, i know that 1” = 2.54 cm, i just exagereted a bit. You are right, its a 6.3” of gains. The record is from the Guinnes Book 2004. I dont have it, maybe someone can verify if the book has this record. And the gain was from 5 years. Maybe is really possible to gain like that. The doctor used an ADS on him pacient and did a surgery cutting the suspensory ligaments.

Maybe is really fake, he is just trying to sell Jes extensors and surgerys…

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Another thing, the doctor says that you need to use the ADS for 12hrs/day minimal to start to gain. Below this period the penis cant grow…

Originally Posted by bugasman

Another thing, the doctor says that you need to use the ADS for 12hrs/day minimal to start to gain. Below this period the penis can’t grow..

Obviously not true, I don’t even own an ADS.

About the ADS part.I’ve recently purchased the Penimaster.I think it’s close to IMPOSSIBLE to wear an ADS 12 hours/day.I’ve been wearing for 3-4 hours and I need to take constant break since my head gets called and my penis start feeling numb.In time with training 8 hours yes,I’ve read some have achieved that.But 12?I think not.

Ok Gents, I own an x-4 extender, I have worn it for 12 hours ( taking it off to go to the bathroom or restrap ) but the problem is. Who has that kind of time to piss away. You can not wear it under clothes, as it is noticeable! And yes, you can sleep with it on, and I am a stomach sleeper, but I would not recommend doing it without being very comfortable with your extender, the more research I did, to me, it was not worth taking the chance wearing it while you sleep, although I had no issue’s doing it. I did have result’s from the x-4 with wearing it an average of 4 hours a day, 5 days a week two days off for rest.

Sleeping with an ADS is dangerous. Is not worth it.

Many people tried it (including me), and the short answer is NO.

Originally Posted by Phyriel

The main problem with ADS it’s that you cannot pass your whole day without being worried about the fact that you have a “thing” stretching your penis out. A humble question: a guy can sleep with his ADS?

Goal: more consistency, some self-confidence from this area

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