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Guide to PE Equipment on EBay

Guide to PE Equipment on EBay

Can anyone tell the sort of PE equipment you can buy from EBay?

I would imagine you could buy anything under the sun. Are you looking for something in particular?

I’m looking for an ADS that is highly rated for length gains.

By users of ADS on this website. One where many users have experienced gains with.

Thunder, I can’t seem to post a new thread in the Review Forum.

I posted the thread the first time and I checked and the thread wasn’t there, so I tried it again and a duplicate message came up, then I went on another site and then came back here checked in the forum and the thread had not still had not appeared. It still ain’t there

A word about EBay.
The world will know what your buying. You may not care if any one knows, but it will be revealed.

There are a few seller than with not show your name, but most want the stars to show.

Would the equipment on EBay specifically say this is for PE use?

Damn, and my user name is quite obvious too.

I have four eBay accounts, all using my real name and address. Only the account name is different. One for buying regular stuff, one for selling, one for, ahem, porn, etc. Open a second account. It’s easy and not “illegal.”

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