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Grrrrr. Help PLZ.

Grrrrr. Help PLZ.

I finished my weekly routine last week with my last PE day on thursday. It felt great the entire week and I had no problems. Friday came and it still felt fine. I could tell I hadn’t overdone it in the least and during the workouts I could tell I wasn’t overdoing it.

Saturday came and I still felt fine and was excited just to get back to my workout on Sunday. (I PE sun,mon,tues,weds,thurs and rest fri and sat). Then as Saturday night approached I started to notice a weird feeling RIGHT around the ridge of my glands. It’s so weird because I’ll randomly feel it and then I try and touch the area where I feel it and I can’t reactivate the weird feeling.

It feels like a sort of hypersensitivity right in the groove in between the head and where the shaft connects. I applied lotion last night to heal it up and when I woke up today (and had some wood because I knew i wasn’t over doing my PE) I could sorta feel it (mostly on the right side of my head just at the ridge. Then what really helped me feel it is when I kegeled with that wood. Ya know how when you kegel with wood your head expands like a balloon for a second? Well as I did that I felt the feeling.

It feels like a weird tickle/pinch but it feels like it’s on the surface yet when i feel the surface I can’t really feel it!! There are absolutely NO physical or visual signs of it. I don’t get it! Why did it happen 2 days after my last PE routine. PLEASE any responses would help.

Someone tell me what they think. I can’t feel it as I sit here but as my pajamas move against my head it comes and goes and it just feels so odd (pretty subtle).

Johnnno :(

Anyone? Can anyone help me?

You mean your dick is really sensitive? If so, yeh. It’s normal. And a really, really good thing if you can edge - trust. :)

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Originally Posted by The Beasty One
You mean your dick is really sensitive? If so, yeh. It’s normal. And a really, really good thing if you can edge - trust.

That’s not what I mean. It’s not that it’s just sensitive, it’s different since last night. When I kegel I a little pinchy feeling in the head and I can’t describe where in the head I feel it. It doesn’t hurt when I pee or anything.

It feels sorta like it’s on the right side near the ridge of my glans, but as I rub my finger there I don’t feel like I can’t feel the injury (if it is an injury).

I just don’t get why it came up 2 days after my last pe routine. Could it be from edging intensely? I edged with a bit bigger than my normal erection on thursday for around a half hour.

Oh right. Yeh, edging has all sorts of weird effects. Sometimes I get a sharp pain when I’m peeing (this is the piss eroding the ejaculate, I think). Also, sometimes, some very brief sharp pains in a similar indiscernible location in the shaft. I have no idea what it is, but it doesn’t worry me.

Edit: Also jelqing and stretching after cumming, or too close to an edging or masturbation session, causes me sharp pains. Massaging the penis under hot water usually sorts this out fairly well.

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AHH! It’s like a pinch in the ridge! Should I PE today do you think?

Not if you don’t feel like it. It should be fine in an hour or so - maybe then. If it isn’t, then I’m not quite sure what the problem is. Any ways, must dash. Doodle-do.

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Any time you have a funny feeling or what you may think is an injury, you should take the day off from PE. I don’t know what this is, it sounds like a nerve thing, but it might get worse if you do a workout. I sometimes have strange shooting pain type sensations in my glans for no reason whatsoever. I’m not actively doing PE exercises now and I have no idea why those feelings occur, but they do. Sometimes things like this cannot be explained. Take the day off and start again easy tomorrow or Tuesday.

Sounds good. Thanks much :) . I’m gonna try drinking a lot of water. I feel as though my skin inside there may be crackling like an Arizona desert.

Though you’ve gone pretty easy, sometimes even that is too much in the beginning. I felt pain on one side near the head when I started PE. I had to take many rest days between sessions. IIRC, mine felt deeper inside, not superficial like skin. Later I concluded the pain was referred from the base. The spot near my head wasn’t actually what was hurting. It’s something to consider.

I doubt this applies in your case, but prostate pain can also be referred to the penis.

Later in my PE career I felt some twinges under the head soon after starting a stretching routine. I must have pulled a little too hard. I think I had put too much stress on the tissue connecting the head to the shaft. It felt fine after a week or so of not stretching.

It is odd that you didn’t feel this until the second rest day. Perhaps it isn’t directly from PE. You could have been on the verge of having overdone it a little, making your penis more susceptible to “injury” from rolling around at night with an erection. I don’t know, just offering a possibility.

My advice is rest until this twinge goes away, however long it takes. Might be a few days or a week or even longer. Then start back easy. Be especially careful stretching. I think more often than not issues like this are from stretching. You could also adjust your rest days so you aren’t PEing 5 days in a row.

Thanks for reply hobby.

I think you’re right: I might have worked it to the brink and then something I’m not conscious of caused the problem.

I’m gonna wait it out. If the feeling is still there at all (even remotely) by tonight when I go to sleep I won’t do my planned PE session today.

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