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Grow taller (heightwise) - what do you think?


Grow taller (heightwise) - what do you think?

I got this spam today and checked it out:


My thoughts are:

1. You should be able to strech and grow ligiments / muscles / tendons just like in pe, but what about bones and cartiledge?

2. They seem to focus on straightening / streching the spine - is this safe and/or useful?

3. I really wonder if this site is an offshoot of someone’s PE site - it seems to me that it attracts the same sort of person.. Like me ;)

After my early success with PE, I’m starting to change my attitude about conventional wisdom regarding health issues. So is it possible this could work? Or am I just so high on PE that I’m thinking like a sucker?



Anything is possible, within reason.

We are born and suckled until we are able to fend for ourselves.

Our growth is determined by genetics and also by our diet and exercise whilst in adolecense.

On reaching maturity at around the age of 20/25 our bodies tend to stop growing and bones start to harden.

As life progresses so our bodies start to decay, (very slowly) and much depends on our lifestyles and activities. During this period it may be possible to encourage further growth. How, certainly not from pills or drugs, as I see it the only way is thru exercise and diet.

If you are over the age of say 45 forget the whole idea - I can’t see that it would be possible to increase ones height.

Health is Wealth

Droopy is correct in that as we reach full maturity our bones harden and then soften.

While maintaining correct alignment of the spine, you will not be able to increase your height per se. You will feel taller because you have better posture when the spine is aligned correctly. Not to mention allowing the 32 pair of nerves to function at their optimum level.

Exercise that encompasses weight bearing, such as walking, jogging, running are important for your bone structure. Bones form by the stresses placed on them.

If there were a magic formula for growing new height after maturity, I would be 5’8” instead of 5’ ;) All that can be done now is to maintain healthy bones and that is done thru diet (lots of calcium) and exercise.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Believe it or not, there are (or used to be) forums just like this one devoted to height increasing techniques… was discussed on PE Forums a couple of years ago, I think the thread should still be in the Miscellaneous section if anyone wants to go dig it out.

Wow! Now everyone can be like me! I will have my own People.

Yeah! Next thing they’ll be telling you that you can make your dick bigger but pulling on it.

Who knows? Somebody pay the 40 bucks and I;ll give it a read for them. I really don’t need to get ANY taller.

I for one am not a believer in pills for height, just as pills for penile growth.

I agree with the diet and exercise though. Although you cannot really increase bone length after a certain age i do agree that you can stimulate the cartilage between them to thicken and add height.

I have a relative that has personally done this at the age of 35. he grew about 1.5” in a year. Although not much, every inch counts. His was through diet and exercise.


It depends. Young guys who think they’ve reached the end of their growing stage can occasionally be surprised. My dad had a late additional growth spurt in his early 20’s. I didn’t. :(


I don’t think any substance or technique presently known can cause cartilage growth or rejuvenation. Your relative is probably standing taller because his exercise program improved his posture.


Could be true, and sounds reasonable that my cousin increased 1.5 inches by improving posture. The only thing that makes me question this is my cousin’s been in the Armed Forces since 18 (is now 35 and still in the forces) and in ALL armed forces correct posture stance and even while sitting is a must, day in day out. No slouching allowed there.

That’s a lot of years of training and that makes me question that it’s posture that contributed to the increase. But I’m no expert myself and it’s worth a shot for guys like me with a short stature.

After all, they claim natural penis enlargement is not possible either. And we’re seeing that unless a lot of people are lying, that’s not true. I think the exercises in these height increase manuals if anything are good for one’s health, strength and flexibility. If there’s no height to gain, at least you can feel better physically.


Do you have the manual from the site? If so, tell us a little more about it - is it mostly exercises? Are there a lot of plugs for suppliments? Are there any really unusual exercises?

Any info is appreciated,


I remember what size was saying about that link a couple of years ago. I had a brief read over them. It wasn’t very well moderated and there was a lot of crap being written.

Here’s a brief run down of what they talked about

Eating the right foods to stimulate Human Growth Hormone (HGH).
Wearing those sandles (with the little nobs) that will stimulate the pitituary gland to increase HGH.
sleeping a lot to straighten the back
always sleeping flat on you back
They recommended really time consuming exercises.
The most effective exercise was simply hanging in the morning and in the evening. Jordan used to hand, Rodman used to hang, Seaman (soccer) used to hang

I think with a bit of effort it could work but would take a long period of time.

There are a couple Height increasing boards around.I can tell you this, one in particular has been around for 3 or so years,and now it is a private one(to stop spammers,and bored people who cause trouble) and there still has been no growth method found.On many of the boards, people will say they grew,but yet alot of people will try their method, and no one will have results.Most of these people do this to f*ck with peoples brains,and some do it to keep hope alive.

There are many products that have been used over and over on the message boards,and no one has gotten results(and alot of the people on these boards are teenagers,so if it was going to work for anybody,it would be the teens).
-Stretching journalsYoga/pilates exercises,and tells you to keep good posture,explains nutrtion ETC.= most people say it doesnt work,but alot more people wont be consistant with the exercises.
-Kimi/Yoko soles:These are soles you put into your shoe,and they are suppose to stimulat Growth hormone through pressure points=I have NEVER EVER heard of these working for someone,outside of 1 message board, who was owned by a scammer(this is a fact)…
-Growth Pills/oils/drops:Just like the other products,many people on the private message board I speak of has tried these products,and no one has gotten results.

You have to be invited to this board, so 90% or so was invited because they were serious members of the old message board,before it was bombarded with ignorant people and scammers.
I have one of the better known/ better made stretching journals, and I was never consistent enough to stick with the exercises,as they ask you to do 8 exercises for 4 sets each(32 sets total) with the exercises ranging from moving exercises(EX:Crunches) or non moving exercises(Back stretch,side stretch)
The non moving exercises are help between 15 secs to 30(mostly 30) and the moving exercise the reps vary.

I also tried a products called B-growth for 3 months.This was a liquid product,and you put 10 drops of B-growth in your drink(they recommend juices though) twice per day.It said you could grow maximum of 3 inches,with their product,and 2 inches was vary common.Well I grew No inches,and 100% of the people on that board grew NO inches,most of them using it for 6 months(the Company later said that you grew MM at a time,and if you dont grow in 3 months,that 6 would do it=Lying their ass off).This same company also came out with an advanced version of their product,saying it was more powerful,but NO,it did not work,just cossed more.

Up to date,their is only one product on the web that has not been tested, and that is the Hypnosis tapes/Cd’s, so if you are going to try something,try one of those.One woman sells 10 cds,and its suppose to be a pretty good set of cd’s(But more expensive then most Hypnosis programs).

Also,for the record,Inverting(hanging upside down) and putting ankle weights on your feet and sitting on a high place(to stretch the legs) has been done by many people,and the Inversion definantly doesnt work, and I have not read any post where I really beleived that a person has grew from the second method(ankle weights).

Also,I have heard many stories of Yoga/Pilates helping people to grow a inch or so,so you could always give them a try(its alot easier to keep consistent that with one of the stretching journals).
And sure many people say”if it was possible to grow taller,than everyone would be 8 feet),but we all know they say the same with penis enlargement,and we know this works.

also for the record,I have not heard of anyone growing taller from hanging on a bar,but I did hear that jordan did it(but not sure if it made him grow taller or not).


Use seem to be very passionate about this issue. I assume you really would be interested in grabbing a bit more height.

What is your height now? Still young? How much you trying to grab heightwise?

I was 6’1” on my 12th birthday. My 13th birth day I was 6’5”. My 14th birthday 6’8”. You get the idea. So I think I know about being tall. I am seven in a nice pair of shoes now.

From my understanding perhaps a chemical which screws with the pituatary gland is the answer. I mean you always see those “giants” who had some abnormality with that gland and the result is an unprecedented height.

I don’t really see people being anything over seven in height. The height is squared or some shit but the mass is cubed. So joints wear very quickly with extreme height. Or well that’s the way it was explained to me.

There was a discussion of “decreasing height” on a bodybuilding board a few weeks back. Most people said that they have lost height from when they were younger. I used to be almost 5’10”, but am now only 5’9” in the morning. Some people had done yoga or other stretching techniques and gained back most or all of what height they had lost.

Hey twat - I saw a guy who I think was an acromegaliac or whatever - he had those facial features… But the thing was that he was no taller than myself…

What a rip off eh! You get the bad points of the disorder, but none of the good!

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