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Grow taller (heightwise) - what do you think?


I think acromegliacs can be of almost any height. Though most often they are on the taller side, but could be a wee bit tall like 6ft to 6’3”. I have seen it frequently on people like 6’5” to 6’9”

Watch out for Marfan’s syndrome people too.…icle/000418.htm

I am pretty sure that there is a 100% chance of heart problems on a really tall double jointed person. It is some gene sequence that causes both.

To unhijack this thread. I do thing growth exercises can work.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Twat, I did not know that. I dont see many freaks since I don’t get out much myself…

I am scared shitless of the Marfan’s. I have several of the symptoms. eek!
Heard of it before but forgot about it. Maybe I will mention it the next time I see a doc, which may be a while (Havent been to a doctor’s in over 2 years now)

Hi all. I’m a longwinded SOB! Fair warning.

Part A) I was 6’2” on my 13th birthday. Played ball hours a day, everyday. Figured I’d be 6’10” or so and make my fortune in the NBA… ah, youth. <sigh> On my 14th birthday, well, I was still 6’2”. Then I complained to my dad (who’s only 5’9”) and he said, “Yeah, that’s how it is in our family. I quit growing at 12 or 13 too.” I was heartbroken!

So I ordered one of those height-increasing books when I was 15. It too was based on cartilage growth. Sounded reasonable to me. Still does, actually. I’m certain that cartilage can be induced to grow (joints will thicken, become larger and tougher, in response to exercise). Problem is it takes a long, long time.

Cartilage doesn’t have any vascularity at all in adults (it’s there in children because of the need for blood to allow growth, but in adults the presents of vascular tissue indicates some syndrome whose name I forget), so all it’s nutrients are absorbed from surrounding cells. Also, it’s extremely tough, and the tougher a tissue is the longer it takes to grow.

So anyway, this book was advising these exercises (which, in hindsight, were suspiciously similar to Pilates) which took two hours a day. Two hours a day, everday, and they were talking about three or four years.

And how much extra height after all that effort? They suggested that 1/16” between each vertebra was “good”, so about 2 inches total. And you thought PE was slow!! I stuck with the program less than a month, as I recall.

Part B) Though I do believe in the potential to add height by growing cartilage, I have to agree with some others here that most height gains from stretching and exercise have to do with better posture.

I injured my knee very young (totally healed by 5th grade, thankfully) and suffered some trauma to the growthplate in my right femur. So my right thigh is about 1.5” shorter than my left. If you look close you can see that my hips are just a tad slanted, side to side, but that’s your only clue visually and most people never notice.

Point? Oh yeah. To correct this imbalance I have some curvature in my spine. Classic scoliosis, diagnosed in an 8th grade sports physical. When I was 23 a doctor said that I had probably another 1”-2” in height lost to the curve in my spine, which could be straigtened out by wearing a thick sole on the right shoe and doing special exercises to straiten my back.

So I’d gain half the difference in leg length plus one or two more inches when my back corrected. So I could theoretically gain almost 3” just by having good posture! I’m sure that most folks, if they’re sedentary, have similar back problems… just front to back (stooping and hunching over keyboards) instead of sided to side. So I can easily see how a good stretching and yoga routine would give a lot of people 1”-2” in improved posture over time.

busted bus


I was 6’1” on my 12th birthday, 6’4”/6’5” on my 13th. I had a doctor who specialized in growth tell me I would be no taller than 6’4” when I was 12. What a bunch of shit from some Indian Doctor who is pumping gas now.

Bottom line, your not going be a seven footer in a few years from these exercises. But maybe tops 4” on the most extreme cases. I say your estimate is much morerealistic and I do agree with you on it. Well said.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

My experience with gaining height

Hey, I’ve been a longtime lurker and a PE’er for six months or so, but this topic seemed right up my alley so here goes.

I didn’t have a job the summer after my freshman year in high school, so I suddenly had these massive amounts of free time that needed filling. At first, TV worked fine. By mid-July, though, I was doing insane amounts of pushups and chinups and situps every day. I had just started doing maybe 100 each in June, but it escalated. My muscles hardened a little bit. My fat slowly faded away. As I swung into August, I started getting these wild fantasties about actually getting girls as a sophomore thanks to my new body. I seemed to be on the road there. Except for one thing, which I didn’t think I could change.

I was short.

I was maybe 5’5”-5’6” at 15 and not growing at that point, which I didn’t really like one bit. I figured it was the thing that was keeping me from getting girls. I was incredibly depressed at that point. I’d try to go into detail but I frankly don’t want to have to remember those times. Basically, I was one lame dude. But I was also a determined dude. I found the forums and the companies trying to hock their heigh products and read all the sites diligently. I began to rival Sting in my yoga extremism. That Christmas, I had my parents buy me some of those inversion boots and a few decent supplements so that I could one day be nabbing supermodels.

I stuck with the programs pretty diligently but only served to get more and more depressed when gains didn’t come in the first week. Slowly, though, my attempts to increase height were overshadowed by diligence in improving my health and experimenting in joining different sports at my high school. Slowly, I got away from it. It was taking up too much time and I slowly moved it down my list of priorities. I realized that my attempts to increase height sprung from extreme insecurity rather than just a desire to be a bit taller, to make the dances with girls a bit less awkard, etc.

It’s funny to see someone post about the height increase methods and the height boards, since it was at these spots on the net where I first learned about natural PE. People would toss in a mention of jelqing here and there to cheer up the discouraged short guys. “Hey, if you’re not tall, at least you can have a huge johnson!” In retrospect, it was at least optimistic.

My tips for height increase are simple. I would go with the inversion boots. They can be pricey and difficult to use(the first time I used them to hang upside down, I almost started screaming from all the panic I experienced). After a while, though, you become a real bat. Maybe 20 minutes in the morning, combined with a tablet of Glucosamine Sulphate, would help you grow. Thirty minutes and up would be better. Even if you don’t grow, you can always multitask. It’s easy to hang and read/watch TV/do situps. They are a great excercise tool and good for reverse gravity’s aging effects. Maybe you could even PE upside down. I shudder to think of the possibilities. In about a year-and-a-half of doing HI, what we HI’ers call height increase, I think I gained about 1.5 inches or so. I’m 18 now, and I’ve gained since stopping the practices, so I stand perhaps a little under 5’8”. I have a better attitude and plan to reattack my height this Christmas break and perhaps a bit next semester. Who knows? The ceiling’s the limit.

I would say that 90 percent of height methods and special lotions out there are scams. I bought one that promised an increase in height through some kind of moisturizer meant to be placed on the knees. I was no taller after using it, just 90 bucks poorer and a lot wiser(I hope). Ninety percent of the forums out there are very poorly run and loaded with spammers, too. Still, there are a few that are profesional, positive, and loaded with good people.

But none compare to Thunder’s. This site is what the internet is all about, if you ask me, and I thank from the bottom of my heart Thunder and all the people who put time in to make free, safe, affordable, and life-changing PE available on the net. I’ve basically been doing 40 min. to an hour of hard jelqing combined with manual stretches for half a year, and have seen maybe a bit under an inch in length and maybe .5 inches in girth. (maybe 5.5” ELBP to 6.333” ELBP and 4 EG to about 4.5ish EG. I’m patient now. It’s a work in progress.) I promised myself I wouldn’t live by the ruler the way I did when I was trying to turn myself into Wilt Chamberlain. It just wasn’t mentally healthy. But it’s working. My dick is growing. The girls aren’t there yet, but all is well with the world.

Maybe a short man can’t get to 6’2” with any method, but once they get one look at your manly bulges, most ladies won’t be focusing on your height. Thank you Thunder’s Place.

Great first post, Tenzing!

But I’m not sure if your height increase is due to height exercises though. Male height growth can happen in any pattern (evenly or in spurts) from puberty to maturity (25 years old seems to be the consensus). How tall are your parents?

Quizás, quizás, quizás...

I agree, I’m half and half as to whether the height increase was due solely to exercise, since even though my growth spurt was kaputs I probably still had a bit left to do. I improved my posture and drastically improved my health, at least. The ‘rents are something like 5’5” and 5’9.5”. I spent many, many a night on the old height boards back when they were still respectable, though, and I’ve seen some anecdotal evidence that arms and legs can be thickened out and lengthened by plain old hanging. We’re talking 2 inches as a max, most likely. Now that I’ve looked back and seen that frustration and depression are not good motivators for height gain and that consistency beats intermittent periods over a 1.5 year span, I think I might see if those 2 inches are doable. I’ll become more flexible at the very least.

My story might not be a great example just due to the fact that I eventually lost some of the fire. But the PE fire just keeps on getting stronger. And so, in the spirit of multitasking, I thought that maybe I could just do a little inversion when I take up hanging in a few weeks’ time. I was thinking of inversion as a form of “antigravity” and realized that the OTS and BTC positions could be greatly intensified by the fact that I”m hanging upside down. Now, just the thought of hanging like a bat with weights strapped to my johnson is enough to make me laugh, but when I consider the possibility seriously, it starts to make some sense. So I guess I have a few questions before I explored this:

1. Is this safe for my dick? I mean, I see it as normal hanging in a reversed gravity environment. The only dangers I can really see might be in decreased circulation to the johnson or maybe some ultra-intensity in the BTC position.

2. Would hanging in the BTC (me upside down, the weight strapped in and hung back through my legs and down my back) really make my erection angle droop? I’ve held off doing much downward stretching in fear of this, but have you guys seen a significant enough decrease to advise against it? I would love to stretch the ligs, but I’m just not sure. Does a decreased erection angle (mine’s at about 100 degrees currently) mean anything to the girls or hurt anything but aesthetics? I was thinking that if it’s big enough, you could just tell the girl that it’s way to massive (as in Bib’s case) to get him fully airborne.

Well, I’d appreciate a little feedback, and if it’s positive, I’ll give the experiment a go. Who knows what’s possible? Oh, yeah, and feel free to laugh at the thought of me dangling in the air with a weight dangling from my pecker. I have no idea how I’d explain it to my mother if she ever walked in on me doing it.

Cheers guys,


I have no idea if there would be anything especially bad withing hanging times 2. But it would probably be ok five minutes at a time or something.

Question about your “heightening.” Did any of it happen in your legs? Did you keep track of that?




I’m thinking that the makeup of cartilage in the legs makes it very possible to get 1 to 2 inches in length there over time with cycling, inversion, etc. Like I said, I’ve read up on it in the past and there were many who claimed to have gained these amounts either in their arms or legs just from hanging. The time is the issue. It’s probably harder to put an inch in your legs than it is to put one between them.

My gains in that time were minimal, and possibly caused by other factors (genetics mostly). I was a very discouraged person and would practically run away screaming every time the mark on the wall wasn’t any higher. I’d say 1” to 1.5” in 1.5 years of very poorly done heightening, with a small bit in the legs. Actually, I hope that my heightening then was all due to genetics since it would probably leave me with more room to play when I renew my efforts with greater intensity and a happier outlook. I used to think I’d never get a date unless I was 6’2”, now I’d just like 5’9” and not be discouraged if I stayed the same.

I guess I will investigate a double whammy hanging program, either doing what I described or just hopping up on a bar and inverting in between hanging sets. I’ll say I’m 5’7.5” now with a 6.4”BPx4.5”EG cock. I’ll report when any of those numbers change, but I’ll put the height stuff in a forum not related to PE-specific questions.

But, and sorry to restate the question, but does anybody have any thoughts on how “Antigravity BTC” would affect my erection angle and if that change would really matter? Thanks!


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