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Grist for the mill

Grist for the mill

I haven’t seen a lot of input on here about penis size from the female perspective, so I thought I’d add some input from my girlfriend. She tells me she once dated a guy whose penis was 10 1/2 inches long and relatively thin. She said it was great at first, but it soon became so painful after sex from internal bruising that she stopped seeing him. I told her my goal is 9 inches. She said that I shouldn’t make it any bigger than that. According to her, the average vagina can stretch to 8 inches in length. Her ideal penis is “meaty” with a big head. She tells me I fit in that category—I’m 8.5” x 5.75”. I’ve seen a post by one guy on here with a 10 1/2” x 5.7” penis who thought his girth was not enough, and some talk about 8 to 9 inches being the “perfect” size. I’d like to hear what the wives and girlfriends of you guys think about your penis size.

I’m 7.5 bpel, my wife admitted she wouldn’t mind another inch in length. I’m 5.374 in girth , my wife admitted she wouldnt mind another 1/4 inch across. All this translates into that she wouldn’t mind 8.5 bpel and about 6.0-6.5 in girth. Hope this helps.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Each vagina is different, and has a different ideal penis size. My ideal size for the wife is probably around 9-9.5” x 6-6.5… I’ll keep working ‘till her eyes pop out… :)


If you want to “test” what a woman likes, try to have sex after a good jelq session or pumping. I did this a lot with my wife and it was very fun. She, of course, noticed the much greater girth and asked about it and I would tell her that I was extra horny and that I had done some excercises I read about in a men’s magazine that were supposed to help guys as they got older to keep healthy erections. I called it a “massage” I did and even showed her what it was and how it made my veins pop out and the head get full. I would say I did it as part of my usual jacking off, which she always knew I did at least daily.

She told me sometimes that the size was too much, but then at times she would tell me how she liked the bigger size…. go figure.


Don’t even bother asking a woman what she wants/likes. They will only confuse you further. Most of the time, they are full of shit anyway. Besides, they are NEVER satisfied. If you tell them you’re PEing, they’ll either tell you to stop, or they’ll say, “ehh…maybe make it a little bigger”… then you keep going to the point where it hurts, now you’ve gone too far! You can’t win. If you go by what a woman says, you’ll only psyche yourself out. Fuck ‘em.


Pure Genius… LOL.

My girlfriend told me that I was perfect size before my recent gains. (.25” length & .25” girth)………but after the girth gain (I am now 6” mid shaft 6.25” base) she likes it even more and said OK to more PE for girth……….she isn’t as enthusiastic about length. I was at 7” (now at 7.25”)and could easily “bottom out” on her in most postions……..I told her that I’m shooting for 8” and she doesn’t want me to get any longer…….but if I insist on going for 8”(and I did) to not go ANY longer than that.


1999: 6" EBPL X 5.25" EG ~ 2001: 7" EBPL X 5.75" EG ~ 2003: 7.25" EBPL X 6" EG

Current (Jan 2013): 7.125 EBPL X 6"EG ~ GOAL = 7+" (anything more is fine) EBPL X 6.5" EG

See? Proof that women are liars.

Originally posted by Prickle
See? Proof that women are liars.

I’m sure that most of them just don’t know any better. Either that or they don’t want to cause “insecurities.” ;)


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