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Here’s my dillemma…

Been Power-Jelqing for nine months now. For the past two months I’ve been incorporating girth squeezes into my routine. Every hundred jelqs I’ll do four squeezes held for thirty seconds each. After 300 jelqs, I’m done. My gripe is sort of a mixed blessing… I measured the other day and I’ve gained a half inch of length, but as for girth, I haven’t gained a fucking thing. I thought jelqing was good for girth. I thought horse squeezes were even better. It’s been two months of doing ‘em and I’ve gained nothing! Now what?

I guess I shouldn’t complain. After all, I did gain half an inch on length…

But goddammit, I’ve been doing girth-specific exercises for two months! Where’s the girth at?

Becoming.... Godsize

I remember someone saying that horses yield the best results in the first 2 weeks, then the gains drop off quickly. Maybe you could quit doing horses for a month or two, then start back up again and see what happens?

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